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Quotes for
Johnny Nogerelli (Character)
from Grease 2 (1982)

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Grease 2 (1982)
Johnny Nogerelli: Oh, uh, my mom wants you to come over for 'pasghetti', at your convenience, you know?
Principal McGee: [sighs] Thank you, Nogerelli.

Louis: You got something going with Paulette?
Johnny Nogerelli: Let's just say I'm giving her therapy for her disease.
Louis: Which disease?
Johnny Nogerelli: Nymphoid mania.

Johnny Nogerelli: That jacket you're wearing is T-Bird property. You want to leave the party, leave the jacket at the door.

Stephanie Zinone: Why don't you just stay out of my life, ok Johnny?
Johnny Nogerelli: I'm out! I catch you with that punk one more time, and he's a dead man! You know what I'm saying? D-E-D!

Davey Jaworski: [Cackles] Learn anything Steph?
Johnny Nogerelli: [Steph leaves, Johnny calls out] Hey, what's the rush, ya gotta take a pill?

Goose McKenzie: Tilt, my turn.
Johnny Nogerelli: Your turn after we Tilt that crater face Balmudo. Come on.