Michael Carrington
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Michael Carrington (Character)
from Grease 2 (1982)

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Grease 2 (1982)
Michael Carrington: Hello?
Stephanie Zinone: Hi.
Michael Carrington: I wanted to ask you if you're free after school today.
Stephanie Zinone: Yeah. I'm free every day. It's in the Constitution.

Stephanie Zinone: You know all this deep junk and everything. You must think I am some kinda dummy, right?
Michael Carrington: Actually, I think you're kinda terrific.

Michael Carrington: [practicing bowling invitation] Howdy fellas,let's bowl some balls.

Frenchy: [Talking with Michael near fence and he notices Stephanie with the Pink Ladies] Michael, I think there's something you don't understand. You see,Stephanie Zinone is a Pink Lady,which means,if you're not a T-Bird, which you are not, you can look, but don't touch.
[as Michael gazes at Stephanie]
Frenchy: Michael? I wouldn't even look.
Michael Carrington: Well, then, how do you become one of these T-Birds then? Eh?

Delores Rebchuck: [after the T-Birds and Pink Ladies left them at the bowling alley] Life stinks.
Michael Carrington: Are you talking to me?
Delores Rebchuck: Yeah, you'll do.