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The Dutch Businessman (Character)
from Hostel (2005)

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Hostel (2005)
[in the torture chamber]
Josh: Please! I have money! I'll fucking pay you! Ten times, two times - whatever you want!
The Dutch Businessman: Pay me?
Josh: Yeah!
The Dutch Businessman: No one is paying me. In fact, I'm the one paying THEM!

[last line BEFORE the end credits]
The Dutch Businessman: NO! PLEASE!
[Paxton executes the Dutchman]

Josh: You... Why?
The Dutch Businessman: I always wanted to be a surgeon. But the boards would not pass me. Can you guess why? You see? So I went into business. But business is so boring. You buy things you sell them, you make money you spend money. What kind of life is that? A surgeon, he holds the very essence of life in his hands - your life. He touches it.
The Dutch Businessman: He touches it. He has a relationship with it. He is part of it.
Josh: Please just let me go, please...
The Dutch Businessman: You want to go? Is that what you want?

Paxton: need a fork there chief?
The Dutch Businessman: No. I prefer to use my hands. I believe people have lost their relationship with food. They do not think "this is something that died for me so that I would not go hungry." I like that connection with something you die for. I appreciate it more.
Paxton: Well I'm a vegetarian.
The Dutch Businessman: I am a meat-eater. It is human nature.
Paxton: Well I'm human and it's not my nature.
The Dutch Businessman: [to Josh] Tell me... what is your nature...?
[places his hand on Josh's leg]
Josh: WHOA! Don't touch! Don't fucking touch me!
The Dutch Businessman: [quickly gathering his things and moving out of the train compartment] Sorry, sorry...
Josh: [still very weirded out] Fucking freak! Jesus!
[Paxton and Oli both look at each-other and laugh hysterically]
Paxton: [laughing] Edward Saladhands just groped Josh!
Oli: [waving his fingers menacingly] Ooooooh...!
Paxton: [still laughing] Dude, you finally hooked up, that's awesome!
Josh: [still visibly pissed] Yeah, that's fucking hilarious.