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Quotes for
Stuart (Character)
from Hostel: Part II (2007)

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Hostel: Part II (2007)
Stuart: Are you scared?
[Beth silently nods]
Stuart: You fucking better be.

Stuart: I am strong. I am fucking Hercules!

Stuart: Where's Todd?
[Todd's corpse is wheeled by in background]
Big Guard: Problem with friend.

Stuart: A tattoo is a little difficult to explain, Todd.
Todd: Well it didn't seem like you had any problem explaining away the gonorrhea you brought back from Thailand.

Stuart: [to Beth] I'm sorry. There's probably a small army of Slovak boys all fighting over you. Why travel all this way just to talk with an ugly American?

Stuart: Your friend looks like she's having fun.
Beth: Yeah. I get to listen to them have sex later.
Stuart: Can we switch? I'm over at the Dvorzak hotel and it's probably been three centuries since anybody's had sex over there.

Todd: Do you remember the first guy in your high school to get laid?
Stuart: No, but I remember the last.
Todd: Well, I do. This kid Greg. He came back from summer break; something about him had changed. It wasn't anything he said or did, but something was different. You just knew it.
Stuart: I know what you mean. It's like you can sense it the way an animal senses it.
Todd: Exactly. Like an animal. Sometimes, you meet a guy and there's just something fucking scary about him. Something that makes you think this guy has killed somebody. He doesn't have to act tough. He never has to say it. But like an animal, you can sense it. You know that this guy's got the balls to do what few others can. And that's you after today, my friend. People are gonna fucking fear you. Linda is gonna fucking fear you. What we do today is gonna pay off every day for the rest of our lives.

Stuart: Isn't it bad luck to toast with water?
Todd: Yeah. Bad luck for whoever meets us today.

Stuart: Do you think we're sick?
Todd: Fuck no. Dude, you look anywhere in the world where there's no law... whether it's fucking Chad or New Orleans... and this is the shit people are doing, bro. We're the normal ones.
Stuart: Any idea what you're gonna do in there?
Todd: You don't even wanna know. You don't even wanna know.

Beth: What is this place?
Stuart: This place... people come here... people come here to kill people.
Beth: What? Who kills? Oh my God, are they gonna kill us?
Stuart: Well... not... us.