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Quotes for
Haziz (Character)
from The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)
[while Jay and the Customer are arguing]
Haziz: Today's forecast? Dark and cloudy, and chance of drive-by.

Haziz: [David is speaking to Andy] Hey, Will and Grace. Back to work!
David: Hey, Haziz, could you give us a minute? We're kind of in the middle of something here.
Haziz: Hey. I'm on my break.
David: Fuck off, Haziz. Leave us alone, will you?
Haziz: Fuck off? Fuck you!
David: Fuck you!
Haziz: Fuck you.
David: Fuck off!
Haziz: Fuck off.
David: I'm gonna kick you in the nuts, asshole.
Haziz: Hey, hey, hey! Watch the language, okay? I have a family.
David: Watch how you talk to me!
Haziz: Hey, Bambi, it's a free country. I can smoke out here if I want.
David: Smoke my pole!
Haziz: You are a very unkind man!
David: Get inside!
Haziz: [heading inside] This is not professional! Paula! This asshole over here... Paula!

Haziz: Do you know how I know you're gay? Because you are holding each other ever so gently.

Haziz: [to Jay] So, tell me, Montel. Why weren't we invited to the party? What are we, Al Qaeda?

Haziz: So tell me something Montell... Why were we not invited to your party? Are we Al Qaeda?
Jay: Whoa first of all it's not that kind of party.
Mooj: You know what? We are not coming to your fucking party okay? Fuck you! Go fuck a goat!
Jay: It's not that kind of party dawg
Mooj: Fuck you! Go fuck a goat
Jay: Hey why you always telling me to go fuck a goat man?
Mooj: [Yelling as he walks away] Fuck a goat!