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Bess McNeill (Character)
from Breaking the Waves (1996)

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Breaking the Waves (1996)
The Minister: Can you think of anything of real value that the outsiders have brought with them?
Bess McNeill: Uh... their music!

Dr. Richardson: Bess. I... I think you've got yourself involved in something that is out of your control.
Bess McNeill: Have I?
Dr. Richardson: [sighs] Come on Bess. You're not a kid anymore.
Dr. Richardson: Look for Christ's sake, he's... he's forcing you to get screwed by every Tom, Dick and Harry... it's just not you.
Bess McNeill: I don't make love with them. I make love with Jan, and I save him from dying.
Dr. Richardson: [exhales] Well I'm sorry, but, you know, to me seems more like a dirty old man who wants to play the Peeping Tom.
Bess McNeill: Sometimes... I don't even have to tell him about it.
Bess McNeill: Jan and me... we have a spiritual contact.
Bess McNeill: God gives everyone something to be good at. I've always been stupid... but I'm good at this.
Bess McNeill: God gives everyone a talent.
Dr. Richardson: What's Jan talent?
Bess McNeill: He is... He's a great lover.
Dr. Richardson: Well, what's... what's mine, then?
Bess McNeill: I don't know.
Bess McNeill: Haven't you find it yet?
Dr. Richardson: [chuckles] I see... And what's your talent Bess? Because, um, surely it can't be being screwed by men you've never seen before.
Bess McNeill: I can believe.

Jan Nyman: [he writes in a paper] Let me die. I'm evil in head!
Bess McNeill: I love you no matter what is in your head!

Bess McNeill: I don't make love with them, I make love with Jan and I save him from dying.

Bess McNeill: We Think he will be completely paralyzed. But he'll live.

[first lines]
Bess McNeill: His name is Jan.
The Minister: I do not know him.
Bess McNeill: [coyly] He's from the lake.
The Minister: You know we do not favor matrimony with outsiders.
An Elder: Can you even tell us what matrimony is?
Bess McNeill: It's when two people are joined in God.

Bess McNeill: I don't understand what you're saying. How can you love a word? You cannot love words. You can't be in love with a word. You can only love another human being. That's perfection.