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Quotes for
Richard (Character)
from Babel (2006/I)

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Babel (2006/I)
Richard: What about you? How many wives do you have?
Anwar: [Smiles] I can only afford one.

Richard: [to other tourists] You leave, I'll kill you. I'll kill you!

Richard: This is your fucked-up country, it's your responsibility!

Susan Jones: Richard, why did we come here?
Richard: What d'you mean why? I thought you would like it.
Susan Jones: Really: Why are we here?
Richard: To forget everything. To be alone.
Susan Jones: Alone.

Richard: You understand? We gotta call nine-one-one.
Susan Jones: Don't leave me please.

Richard: Susan, what's wrong? Honey, what happened?
Lady On The Bus: Oh, my God. She's been shot.
Richard: Stop the bus, stop, my wife's been hurt.

Richard: Find me an ambulance! Do something!