Dr. Arthur Neuman
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Dr. Arthur Neuman (Character)
from The Mask (1994)

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Son of the Mask (2005)
Dr. Neuman: I don't like it here.

[first lines]
Dr. Neuman: The Mifulu represent a fascinating example of failed culture. The people of the Mifulu communicated entirely in rhyme, although that's actually less impressive than it sounds, because their language only contained one vowel. Also, if you've noticed, the only artifacts we've been able to unearth are primitive musical instruments. The Mifulu's had plenty of drums, guitars, harmonicas and the like, but no weapons or tools. So, in essence, they had rhythm, they had music, but they had no hammers and spears, so they died. In any case, this brings us to the final room of the tour and my personal favorite, the hall of Norse Mythology.

Loki: [looks at the mask and sees it's a fake] THIS IS A FAKE!
Dr. Neuman: Yes, but it's a good fake.

Loki: [Sees Mask that was made in Taiwan] This is a FAKE!
Dr. Neuman: Yes, but it's a good fake.

The Mask (1994)
Dr. Arthur Neuman: We all wear masks... metaphorically speaking.

Dr. Arthur Neuman: [Reffering to the mask, which Stanley brought in] I'm talking about the mythology, Mr. Ipkiss. This is a piece of wood.