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Tim Avery (Character)
from Son of the Mask (2005)

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Son of the Mask (2005)
Tim Avery: [right before Odin is about to punish Loki] Hey! Look here, Grisly Adams, I don't know how it works in the immortal world, but your his *father*, he's your *son*, and even if you banish him, he's still gonna be your son. Nothing, in this universe is more important than your relationship with your family. I would think it's even more important for you guys. You're like a thousand, he's like eight-hundred, you might as well get it right now and enjoy the rest of eternity.

Tim Avery: Hey, Loki.
[suddenly picks up a phone receiver and shouts]
Tim Avery: Give me back my son!
Loki: Um... No
[speeds off]

[last lines]
Tonya Avery: Yay! Yay! Honey, oh, that was such a good show. But, I think you might need to add another character.
Tim Avery: What? Really?
Tonya Avery: Yeah.
Tim Avery: What do you think about that Double A? A little brother or sister? How does that sound?

Tim Avery: Okay, you give me Alvey, and the mask is yours.
Loki: [takes the mask and turns away with Alvey] I can't let go. I've grown attached.
Tonya Avery: Alvey!
Tim Avery: Hey, we had a deal!
Loki: I'm the God of friggin' Mischief, what did you expect?

Tim Avery: So that's why he can pee like that!

Tim Avery: Who are you?
Loki: I'm Loki, God of Mischief.
Tim Avery: And I'm Tim, God of Crazy-Baby-Land. Can you move please?
Loki: Your son was born of the mask, *my* mask. Where is it?
Tim Avery: Born of the... Oh! So, that's why he can pee like that.

Odin: As expected, you've failed at your promise. You've failed at your quest. You are, in ever sense of the word, a failure.
Tim Avery: [to Tanya] Wow, and I thought your dad was mean.
Loki: Hey, we both knew it was gonna end this way, right? You practically set me up for failure, so at least I'm living up to your expectation in that regard.
Odin: Silence!

Tim Avery: Smokin! Causes... cancer.