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Biography for
Loki (Character)
from Far North (2007)

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This page is about Loki from Norse Mythology, not Loki from Marvel Comics.

In Norse Mythology, Loki is the god of trickery and mischeif and one of the sir. He was born of the jtunn (the giants), but like other prominent sir such as Tyr (a wargod) and Skadi (a skigodess and wintergodess) he was taken into the ranks of the god. He is the father of Hel (a deathgodess) and Fenrir (a jtunnwolf) and the world serpent Jrmungandr. It's said that at the end of this world, Ragnark - the fate of the gods, Fenrir will swallow the sun and kill Tyr and Odin (the headgod) while Thor (a thundergod) and Jrmungandr will destroy each other. Some schoolars theorize that Loki is the same god as Lodurr, which means that he was considered to be a co-creator of humanity by the vikings, along with Odin, Hnir and the dwarfes. By a pact, he is the bloodbrother of Odin.

Many of the stories of Loki teams him up with his "nephew" Thor on various adventures and misadventures, with Loki being the cunning to Thor's brute force. Loki often finds solves problems for the other gods, but often these problems have been brought about by Loki and him being forced by the other gods to solve them. Loki is a shape shifter and takes various forms, often animals.

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