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Featherduster (Character)
from Beauty and the Beast (1991)

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Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Featherduster: [to Lumiere] I've been burnt by you before!

Mrs. Potts: Pardon me, Master...
Beast: Leave me in peace.
Mrs. Potts: But sir, the castle is under attack!
Villagers: [singing outside and trying to knock the door down] Kill the Beast! Kill the Beast!
Lumiere: [All the objects are trying to hold the door closed] This isn't working.
Featherduster: Oh Lumiere. We must do *something*.
Lumiere: Wait, I know!
Villagers: [Still singing outside] Kill the Beast! Kill the Beast!
Mrs. Potts: What should we do, Master?
Beast: It doesn't matter now. Just let them come.

Chip: Mama, there's a *girl* in the castle!
Mrs. Potts: Now Chip, I'll not have you making up such wild stories.
Chip: Really, mama, I *saw* her!
Mrs. Potts: Not another word, into the tub.
Chip: [Mrs. Potts lifts Chip into the tub] But... What?
Featherduster: A girl! I saw a girl in the castle!
Featherduster: [Chip emerges from the water in the tub]
Chip: See? I told ya.