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Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis (Character)
from The Patriot (2000)

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The Patriot (2000)
[At the Battle of Cowpens]
General O'Hara: My Lord, if we re-form and wheel right, we may be able to turn their flank.
Lord General Cornwallis: You dream, General.

Lord General Cornwallis: Colonel Tavington, why, after six weeks, am I still here at Middleton place attending a ball in South Carolina while I should be attending balls in NORTH CAROLINA?

Lord General Cornwallis: [referring to a replacement formal coat] It's horse blanket.
Colonel William Tavington: Oh, I don't know, my Lord. It's really... quite nice.
General O'Hara: Very nice, my Lord.
Lord General Cornwallis: Very well, it's nice horse blanket.

Lord General Cornwallis: Fine soldier you are, bested by a bedtime story.

Lord General Cornwallis: Their names and ranks?
Benjamin Martin: They refuse to give me their names, but the ranks are nine lieutenants, five captains, three majors, and one very fat colonel who called me a... "cheeky fellow."

Lord General Cornwallis: These rustics are so inept. It nearly takes the honor out of victory. Nearly.

Lord General Cornwallis: Everything will change. Everything has changed.

Lord General Cornwallis: Tavington. Damn him! Damn that man!

General O'Hara: [At the Battle of Cowpens watching the Colonial Militia retreat] Congratulations My Lord.
Lord General Cornwallis: Infantry reserve into the center.
General O'Hara: But My Lord, you've taken the field.
Lord General Cornwallis: Now we will take their spirits! Send the entire battalion over that hill and crush them! It ends today!