Gabriel Martin
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Gabriel Martin (Character)
from The Patriot (2000)

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The Patriot (2000)
Gabriel Edward Martin: [shouting] I'm not a child.
Benjamin Martin: [shouting] You're my child.

Benjamin Martin: When you have a family of your own, perhaps you'll understand.
Gabriel Edward Martin: When I have a family of my own, I won't hide behind them.

Gabriel Edward Martin: I've come to call on Anne.
[Anne's father puts an ear piece in his ear to hear. Gabriel leans in and tries again louder]
Gabriel Edward Martin: I've come to call on Anne.
Mr. Howard: Well of course you call yourself a man!
Miss Anne Howard/ Mrs. Anne Martin: Father stop it! You heard him!

Miss Anne Howard/ Mrs. Anne Martin: You know who I am, Gabriel Martin. The last time you saw me I was 11 and you put ink in my tea.
Gabriel Edward Martin: Oh, I believe that was one of my younger brothers, perhaps Samuel or Nathan.
Miss Anne Howard/ Mrs. Anne Martin: It was you. And it turned my teeth black for a month.

Gabriel Edward Martin: I'm sorry about Thomas
Benjamin Martin: Oh, son, that wasn't your fault
Benjamin Martin: That was mine.

Gabriel Edward Martin: [as he is lying there wounded, and sees his father appear] Father...
Benjamin Martin: Shh... don't talk, don't talk.
Gabriel Edward Martin: [gasps for air, groans] Father. I'm sorry...
Benjamin Martin: Ssh, be quiet. I'm going to take care of you. You're going to be all right.
Gabriel Edward Martin: Pa. I'm sorry about Thomas.
Benjamin Martin: Oh son, that wasn't your fault.
[Gabriel lets out a soft groan]
Benjamin Martin: That was mine.
[Gabriel gasps for final breaths of air]
Benjamin Martin: Hold on, you're gonna be all right... Don't go. Gabriel, don't...
[Ben sobs quietly while touching his son's face]
Benjamin Martin: [cries and whispers] Oh! God help me. God help me.

Colonel William Tavington: [after reading the dispatching note] Who carried this?
Colonel William Tavington: Hmm?
[Tavington looks up; Gabrielle looks away as Benjamin turns his head towards him, looking worried]
Colonel William Tavington: [yells] WHO CARRIED THIS?
Gabriel Edward Martin: [emerges from in front of the house] I did, Sir!
[he walks towards Tavington]
Gabriel Edward Martin: I was wounded and these people gave me care. They have nothing to do with the dispatchers.
[Benjamin walks up behind Gabriel]
Colonel William Tavington: [Tavington nods and gives the note to one his men] Take this one to Camden. He is a spy; hang him, put his body on display...
Benjamin Martin: [as Tavington's men move to grab Gabriel, Martin quickly intervenes] He's a dispatch rider and that's a marked case!
Colonel William Tavington: [ignores Benjamin] Destroy the livestock. Set fire to the house and barns.
Benjamin Martin: No! Colonel, he's a uniformed dispatcher, he's a carrying a marked case. He cannot be held as a spy...
Colonel William Tavington: [smirks] Oh no, we're not going to hold him. We're going to hang him!
Benjamin Martin: [as Gabriel is grabbed again] Colonel!
Gabriel Edward Martin: [whispers] Father!
Colonel William Tavington: Oh, I see. He's your son...
Colonel William Tavington: Then perhaps you should have told him the rules of loyalty.

Gabriel Edward Martin: [to Benjamin] Thomas was my brother, as well as your son. You may not believe this, but I want satisfaction as much as you do, but not at the expense of our cause. There will be a time for revenge. But until then, stay the course.