Adriana Cruz
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Adriana Cruz (Character)
from Three Kings (1999)

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Three Kings (1999)
Cathy: Oh look at you Adriana, look at what's become of you.
Adriana Cruz: Yeah look at me, I've got my clothes on - I'm dressed!

Adriana Cruz: Are you ready to work with me now?
Archie Gates: Yeah, I'm ready to work with you.
Adriana Cruz: Good, 'cause I've got an amazing lead.
Archie Gates: It was in the guy's ass.
Camp soldier: That's not the real story.
Adriana Cruz: What's the real story?
Camp soldier: It was in the guy's dick, they had to pull it out with a pair of tweezers.
Adriana Cruz: A ten-page atlas of Saddam's bunkers?
Camp soldier: Yeah, only real small, like those books you get in a box of Cracker Jacks.

Adriana Cruz: I don't want him walking away from me, going to other reporters, and giving away my stories.
Archie Gates: What stories? You don't have any stories.
Adriana Cruz: You don't fuckin' tell people that.

[after catching Gates with Cathy]
Adriana Cruz: You said he was former Delta, he'd take great care of me! What a bunch of bullshit!
Col. Horn: Would you please let me handle this?
Adriana Cruz: Doesn't she have her own goddamn escort?
Col. Horn: Of course she does, she's right here!
Adriana Cruz: Why don't you find her someone she can fuck so she'll leave my escort alone?
Cathy: That is really unnecessary!