Cardinal Mazarin
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Cardinal Mazarin (Character)
from The Return of the Musketeers (1989)

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"Young Blades: Wanted (#1.1)" (2005)
King Louis XIV: What is the point in being King if your pimples won't obey you!
Cardinal Mazarin: Well technically, you're not the King, your Majesty. The coronation won't take place until next year when you're sixteen. But when it does, your pimples will tremble in your divine presence.
King Louis XIV: You're not funny.

King Louis XIV: Cardinal Mazarin wants to get rid of my Musketeers!
Cardinal Mazarin: They are ruffians My Lady.
Queen Anne: Then get rid of them.
King Louis XIV: But I like them!
Queen Anne: Then don't get rid of them. Which necklace?
Cardinal Mazarin: The emeralds, My Lady.
Queen Anne: I'll wear the diamonds.

Cardinal Mazarin: [On top of a cliff at midnight wearing robes and masks, about a bound prisoner] He seems to have gained some strength. But will he fly?
[Throws prisoner off cliff]
Cardinal Mazarin: Trial and error. Well, thankfully we have plenty of specimens.
Jaqueline Rochey: [Hiding, watching them] I know that voice! That's Cardinal Mazarin!

The Return of the Musketeers (1989)
Cardinal Mazarin: The people of England will permit anything - except cruelty to horses and a rise in the price of beer.

Justine de Winter: King Charles' death is inevitable, and France must not interfere. General Cromwell insists.
Cardinal Mazarin: Roundhead diplomacy. Does he think he can cut off a crowned head, even an English one, and royal France will stand by doing nothing?
Justine de Winter: What will France do?
Cardinal Mazarin: Stand by... protesting.