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Jannes (Character)
from The Ten Commandments (1956)

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The Ten Commandments (1956)
Rameses: [to Nefretiri] Did you lose your head, my sweet?
Sethi: [to Rameses] I sent you to Goshen to bring me the head of the jackal who would free the slaves. Where is it?
Rameses: The slaves do not need a deliver now. They have Moses.
Nefretiri: Is that a riddle?
Rameses: [to Sethi] He gives them the priests' grain and one day in seven to rest. They call it "The Day of Moses."
[as if it is a holiday]
Jannes: This man makes himself a god.
Nefretiri: I prefer him as a man.
Rameses: You would prefer him as Pharaoh.
Nefretiri: Are you afraid of Moses?
Rameses: Yes, because now he holds Ethiopia in his left hand, Goshen in right, and you, my Pharaoh, are in-between them.
Sethi: Do you imply that he would raise the slaves against me? I've been his father.
Jannes: Ambition knows no father.
Nefretiri: Moses could no more betray you than I could, Sethi.
Sethi: He can tell me that when he arrives.
Rameses: He will not be here, my father.
Sethi: What? I sent for both of you.
Rameses: His word is that he cannot attend you, being pressed by other matters.
Sethi: [to Nefretiri] Did you hear that? Other matters?
[Sethi spoke as in an a shout of anger, or shock]
Sethi: [Sethi then gets up and clangs a gong, for an Egyptian servant, immediately a servent appears] My escort. I will ride with you, my son, to see what rears itself in Goshen... a city or treason.