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Pharaoh (Character)
from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999) (V)

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Joseph (1995) (TV)
Potiphar: You had better prostrate quickly.
Joseph: You know I cannot.
Pharaoh: [furious] You what?
Joseph: Clearly the Pharaoh is greatness itself but my faith decrees that I can only kneel before God - even on pain of death.
Pharaoh: [laughs] Come forward. Take heed, magicians. Whatever happens, I know this man won't lie to me.

Pharaoh: Look upon my face.
Joseph: But surely, great Pharaoh, this is forbidden.
Pharaoh: Only to people who know I am a god. Since you hold some primitive being in higher regard, I think you can look upon me without burning up. Go on, try it.

Pharaoh's Wife: Asaneth on the other hand...
Pharaoh: Yes, let me guess. She's so taken with this foreign slave. Oh yes, nothing escape's Pharaoh's eye when it comes to a woman.
[Paces and looks at Asaneth]
Pharaoh: She thinks he has the answer.
Asenath: By your own word lord, we know he does nothing against his conscience - even on pain of death. And you yourself seemed reluctant to have him hanged. There must have been a reason why you withheld your mighty hand and spared him to see another day.

Pharaoh: [places his ring on Joseph's finger] I make you the governor of all Egypt. I place you over my house, my people, my kingdom. From this day forward no man shall life a hand or foot without your consent. Your name shall be "Zapaneth Paneah".
[beckons to Asaneth]
Pharaoh: And this fine woman shall be your wife.

Pharaoh: The answer is obvious. Then can be no better man for this job then this man himself.
[gestures to Joseph]
Pharaoh: Can we find anyone endowed with a spirit of God as he is?
Pharaoh's Wife: I think not.
Pharaoh: Well said wife.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999) (V)
Pharaoh: Pharaoh is in the building!

Narrator: Guess what? In his bed, Pharaoh had an uneasy night. He had had a dream that pinned him to his sheets with fright. No one knew the meaning of the dream. What to do? Whatever could it mean? Then his Butler said...
Butler: I know of a bloke in jail, who is hot on dreams. Could explain old Pharaoh's tale.
Narrator: Pharaoh said...
Pharaoh: Well fetch this Joseph man! I need him to help me if he can.
Narrator: Poor poor Pharaoh. What'cha gonna do? Dreams are haunting you. Hey, what'cha gonna do? Chained and bound, afraid, alone! Joseph stood before the throne.
Joseph: My service to Pharaoh has begun. Tell me your problems, mighty one.
Pharaoh: Pharaoh is in the building!

Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) (V)
Pharaoh: I'm told you only need to hear a dream and you can explain it.
Joseph: Not me, Your Excellecy. The explanation comes from God.