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Samson (Character)
from Samson and Delilah (1949)

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Samson and Delilah (1949)
Samson: The oldest trick in the world. Silk trap, baited with a woman.
Delilah: You know a better bait, Samson? Men *always* respond.

Samson: What is sweeter than honey?
Semadar: What is stronger than a lion?

Samson: Your arms were quicksand. Your kiss was death. The name Delilah will be an everlasting curse on the lips of men.

Samson: You came to this house as wedding guests. Fire and death are your gifts to my bride. For all that I do against you now, I shall be blameless. I'll give you back fire for fire, and death for death!

Tubal: [holding Delilah and trading her for Semadar] Look! Here! Samson. My other daughter. Take her. She'll make you a much better wife. She's fairer than Semadar, and much, much more beautiful.
Samson: You give me a turnip for a...
Tubal: Wait, wait Samson. This one is a queen among women. Samson, look. Look. Have you ever seen eyes like that? So full of love for you? See the whiteness of her skin, smooth as a young dove's. Oh she'll grow into a rare blossom.
Samson: She'll grow into a thornbush!
Delilah: [grasps Samson] Did a thornbush steal the chariot that took you to the lion? Did a thornbush tell the Saran how you killed it with your bare hands? No, I did, and he believed me, then you chose Semadar.
Samson: Take your claws out of me!
Delilah: You'll never get them out of you. I made Ahtur steal the riddle's secret from Semadar. I lied to stop you from marrying her. I'll kill to keep you. You're the only thing in the world I want.
Samson: [to Tubal] Hold this fork-tongued adder before I put a heel on her.
Delilah: If you crush the life out of me I'd kiss you with my dying breath!
Samson: [to Tubal] And you want me to marry this wild cat?

Delilah: The wine of parting is bitter, Samson.
Samson: Not as bitter as blood.

Samson: [reaching for a cluster of grapes that Semadar has held up high] A man shouldn't have to reach at his own wedding feast.
Semadar: The most desirable grapes are always out of reach.
Samson: [reaches again] Not if you reach high enough.
Prince Ahtur: [grabs the cluster of grapes from Semadar's hand] Or wait long enough.
Semadar: You waited too long, Ahtur.
Samson: For what?
Prince Ahtur: Entertainment.

Samson: A man must marry where his heart leads him, little mother.
Hazelelponit: A man's heart can be blind, son.

Samson: Miriam, you're further above me than the moon.
Miriam: But not as hard to reach. Only stretch out your hand.
Samson: I don't want to hurt you, Miriam. You're like a sparrow, so gentle and...
Miriam: That's a very gentle way of telling me that you're in love with someone else?
Samson: You always see through people as if they were cobwebs.
Miriam: I hear you saw a woman in Timnath.
Samson: Yes... and I can't forget her.
Miriam: You did the same with me. I can't forget you.
[Miriam walks to the door]
Samson: [approaches Miriam at the door] Miriam.
Miriam: I'll always be here.
[Miriam closes the door]

Hazelelponit: What did I tell you? He wants to marry a Philistine!
Manoah: Samson, you would not bring this shame upon us.
Samson: There's no shame in marriage, father.
Manoah: To a Philistine woman?
Samson: Father, Semadar pleases me. Go to Tubal of Timnath and say I will take his daughter to wife.
Manoah: The law forbids it.
Samson: A Philistine law?

Samson: I prayed for an angel of the Lord and the Devil sent me you.

Samson: Delilah...
Delilah: No, I will not listen.
Samson: But you asked me to...
Delilah: I don't want to hear you.
Samson: Three times you plagued me to tell you.
Delilah: And three times you've lied to me. You said new ropes that had never been used would hold you.
Samson: Who knows the strength of a rope that's never been used?
Delilah: Then you told me your strength would go if I wove your hair to the web of my loom. Now look at my loom.
Samson: I'd rather look at you.
Delilah: It's no use, Samson. You'll always find a new trick to deceive me. The night I came to the Valley of Sorek, you wanted to send me away. You were right. It is better that I go.

Hercules, Samson & Ulysses (1963)
Ercole: Do you really need weapons like that? Are you afraid to challenge me like this, man to man?
Sansone: This will be the first time anyone has ever dared to face me as a foe. And without weapons, you will regret it.

Ercole: I've never met such strength as yours. Why don't the two of us join forces?
Sansone: I was thinking the same thing.

Sansone: [to Delilah] You are as clever as your are beautiful.
Ercole: And she's also a good liar.

Delilah, Philistine Queen: I fear these people.
Sansone: They are of my faith. They worship of my God.

Sansone: It was written that salvation should bear a woman's name, Iole.
Ercole: Yes, the name Iole might also stand for innocence. Beware of Delilah.