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Dathan (Character)
from The Ten Commandments (1956)

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The Ten Commandments (1956)
Lilia: Dathan, if you fear God, let me go.
Dathan: I am here, girl, because I put no trust in a desert god and his mud-pit prophet. I prospered because I bowed lower than my brothers before the Egyptians, and now the Egyptians bow low before me. Joshua wanted you... Baka wanted you... but you belong to me... a gift from Rameses to His Excellency.
Lilia: I will bow before you, Dathan. I will work my hands raw for you, but please, please, do not shame me before my Lord.
Dathan: Your lord is the govenor of Goshen.
Lilia: What difference to my shame?
Dathan: No difference to you, my dove of Cannan, but to a condemned slave like Joshua, it could make the difference between death on the spikes and life... in the copper mines of Sinai. What would you do to influence His Excellency's clemency?
Lilia: [sobbing] Anything, Dathan. Anything.
Dathan: Joshua will always be grateful to you... my little mud flower. His fate is better than the one that waits for Moses.

Dathan: Remember, Joshua, of her own free will, she's mine!

Egyptian soldier: Out! Out, all of you!
Dathan: Why do soldiers come here? I put no blood on my door!
Egyptian soldier: Then stone bleeds!
Dathan: Your stonecutter did this to me!
Lilia: All your gold cannot wipe that mark from your door, Dathan, or from my heart.
Dathan: Just for that, you'll walk all the way to... Where are we going? Do you know where we're going?
Egyptian soldier: To hell, I hope!

Rameses: You have rats' ears and a ferret's nose.
Dathan: To use in your service, son of Pharaoh.
Rameses: Add to them the eyes of a weasel and find me this deliverer.

Rameses: Now speaks the rat that would be my ears.
Dathan: Too many ears tie a rat's tongue.

Dathan: Moses has words. Pharaoh has spears!

Dathan: Where could I bring you except to Egypt?
Israelites: Where there is death?
Dathan: No, where there's food!

Baka: [after Baka got Lilia cleaned] No, no, no, no, no. Not red with the with the Sammur gown.
Dathan: My eyes can best be used elsewhere, Lord Baka.
Baka: Before you go, let them look upon what you thought unworthy. You would let beauty such as this go unseen. You would let such a flower go ungathered. Dathan, you can see only mud, so pick up her muddy clothes and go. Go, all of you!

Dathan: [pulling his cart through the parted Red Sea] Pull! Pull for your lives!
Lilia: Is your life worth so much?