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Asenath (Character)
from Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) (V)

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Joseph (1995) (TV)
Pharaoh's Wife: [whispers] He is a beautiful boy.
Asenath: Yes, he is.
Pharaoh's Wife: Do you know what his crime was?
Asenath: I've heard the rumors but I don't believe them. He doesn't strike me as a fool. And everyone knows that Potiphar's wife deceives him.

Pharaoh's Wife: Asaneth on the other hand...
Pharaoh: Yes, let me guess. She's so taken with this foreign slave. Oh yes, nothing escape's Pharaoh's eye when it comes to a woman.
[Paces and looks at Asaneth]
Pharaoh: She thinks he has the answer.
Asenath: By your own word lord, we know he does nothing against his conscience - even on pain of death. And you yourself seemed reluctant to have him hanged. There must have been a reason why you withheld your mighty hand and spared him to see another day.

Joseph: What is your name?
Asenath: I am Asenath, daughter of the high priest of On.
Joseph: What is my name, my new name? I have forgotten it already.
Asenath: Zapaneth Paneah.
Joseph: Zapaneth Paneah. What does it mean?
Asenath: The savior. Am I pleasing to you?
Joseph: Yes, greatly.

Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) (V)
Asenath: [giggling] I don't think you want my aunt seeing you like this... that's better.

Asenath: [after Joseph has placed Simeon under arrest] Joseph, they are just trying to feed their families.
Joseph: They're thieves, here to steal our grain.
Asenath: They needed food and they were ready to pay for it. Joseph, they've done nothing to you.
Joseph: Nothing?
[pauses and sighs]
Joseph: They're my brothers.
Asenath: [in disbelief] What?
Joseph: They sold me. They sold me into slavery. I never got to say goodbye to my mother, I never got to watch my father grow old.
Asenath: Joseph, I didn't know.
[hugs him]
Asenath: You're here now. You have a home, a wife who loves you. You have everything.
Joseph: No. Not everything.
[looks down below at Simeon's cell]
Asenath: I thought you learned something down there. Remember when I would bring you food?
Joseph: Yes.
[takes her hand]
Joseph: It's what kept me going.
[hugs Asenath]
Simeon: [seeing Joseph above him] Hey! You can't keep me in here forever! My brothers will come for me!
[the words echo and Joseph walks away from Asenath]
Asenath: [as Joseph walks away] Joseph...