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Simeon (Character)
from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999) (V)

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Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) (V)
[referring to Joseph's dreams]
Simeon: Yes, who did the wolf get this time?
Joseph: You can laugh, but this time it was about all of YOU.

Judah: Oh please, you must tell us our future, great Joseph.
Simeon: Should I be scared?

Asenath: [after Joseph has placed Simeon under arrest] Joseph, they are just trying to feed their families.
Joseph: They're thieves, here to steal our grain.
Asenath: They needed food and they were ready to pay for it. Joseph, they've done nothing to you.
Joseph: Nothing?
[pauses and sighs]
Joseph: They're my brothers.
Asenath: [in disbelief] What?
Joseph: They sold me. They sold me into slavery. I never got to say goodbye to my mother, I never got to watch my father grow old.
Asenath: Joseph, I didn't know.
[hugs him]
Asenath: You're here now. You have a home, a wife who loves you. You have everything.
Joseph: No. Not everything.
[looks down below at Simeon's cell]
Asenath: I thought you learned something down there. Remember when I would bring you food?
Joseph: Yes.
[takes her hand]
Joseph: It's what kept me going.
[hugs Asenath]
Simeon: [seeing Joseph above him] Hey! You can't keep me in here forever! My brothers will come for me!
[the words echo and Joseph walks away from Asenath]
Asenath: [as Joseph walks away] Joseph...

Joseph (1995) (TV)
Simeon: First he sets Joseph above us and now Benjamin...
Judah: [grabs him] Then so be it! We will not tease God another time!

Simeon: Come to save him, have you?
Reuben: I won't have the boy's blood on my hands.
Judah: It's too late for that now.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999) (V)
Simeon: It's funny, but since we lost Joseph, we've gone to the other extreme.
Jacob: No-one comes to dinner now!
Simeon: ...We'd only eat them, anyhow, I even find I'm missing Joseph's Dreams.