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The Saran of Gaza (Character)
from Samson and Delilah (1949)

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Samson and Delilah (1949)
Saran of Gaza: He was not captured by force of arms, but by their softness.

[the Philistines are in shock as Samson gets his strength back]
Lord of Ashkelon: The man has the strength of a devil.
Saran of Gaza: No. The strength of a God.

Delilah: They're devils.
Saran of Gaza: No, they're very human. The weak always ban together to pull down the strong.
Lord of Gath: Your lion has become a mouse.
Saran of Gaza: Changed by the magic of love.

Saran of Gaza: Tell this council the weapon used against you. Well, tell them. Speak.
Prince Ahtur: [hesitates] The jawbone of an ass.
Saran of Gaza: [laughs] Lord Athur, Military Governor of Dan, Prince of Philistia, Emir of Armies, beaten with the jawbone of an ass!

Delilah: [looking upon Samson in the gristmill, not knowing that he has been blinded] He has not dared to look at me.
Saran of Gaza: He cannot see you.
Delilah: I'll make him see me.
[stands in front of Samson, slowly noticing his blinded eyes, which fill her with deep remorse]
Delilah: He's blind. He can never see me again.
Saran of Gaza: Does that disturb you?
Delilah: I had your promise.
Saran of Gaza: No blade has touched his skin. No drop of his blood was shed.
Delilah: [sobs] You... you played with words to rob him of his eyes.
Saran of Gaza: It was you who betrayed him, not I.
Delilah: He was captive, in chains, yet the Lord of the Five Cities could not show him mercy?
Saran of Gaza: Did you show him mercy, Delilah? You wanted vengeance. You have it.

Saran of Gaza: Every cup of water, every morsel of food, must be guided into his hands. The mighty Samson, betrayed by a woman.
Delilah: No.
Saran of Gaza: Blinded, ridiculed, pitied.
Delilah: No, I did not blind him!
Saran of Gaza: [Delilah tries to go to Samson, but the Saran holds her back] Are you going to be as big a fool as you've made of him? He'd kill you. You cannot undo what has been done.

Lord of Ekron: [to Delilah] With a queen like you in Ekron, I could master the Earth.
Saran of Gaza: If you could master Delilah.

Saran of Gaza: [to Delilah] Even a ruby loses luster besides your lips. It will take a sapphire and an emerald together to match your blue-green eyes.