Joseph of Nazareth
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Joseph of Nazareth (Character)
from Jesus: The Desire of Ages (2014)

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The Nativity Story (2006)
Joseph: If I claim this child as mine, it will be lying. I would have broken a law laid down by God.
Mary: I would never ask you to lie.
Joseph: If I say this child is not mine, they will ask what I'm going to do. If I accuse you...
Mary: There is a will for this child greater than my fear of what they may do.

Joseph: "And you shall call his name Jesus, for it is he who will save his people from their sins." I know. Mary, God showed me. An angel came to me in my dream.
Mary: You believe me?
Joseph: I believe you. The child will need a father. I will declare him as my own.
Mary: People will not look at you the same. They will not look at us the same.
Joseph: You are my wife. I am your husband. That is all anyone need know.

Mary: You've never really told me of your dream.
Joseph: My dream?
[pause, he is teasing her and also contemplating his response]
Joseph: No.
Mary: Please, tell me.
Joseph: An angel came to me. He told me the child within you had been conceived by the Holy Spirit and that I should not be afraid.
Mary: Are you afraid?
Joseph: Yes.
Joseph: Are you?
Mary: Yes. Do you ever wonder when we'll know?
Joseph: Know what?
Mary: When he is more than just a child. Will it be something he says? A look in his eyes?
Joseph: I wonder if I will even be able to teach him anything.

Mary: You believe me?
Joseph: Yes, the angel came to me in my dream.

Mary: How do we raise such a child?
Joseph: I wonder if I will even be able to teach Him anything.

[a man tries to steal their money]
Joseph: What comes with us, stays with us.

Joseph: [Villagers are glaring and glancing sullenly at them as they leave] They're going to miss us.

Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith (1979) (TV)
Joseph: I hope you enjoyed yourself... with your gypsy.
Mary: You're jealous. Joseph, it was just that he made me laugh. He made me feel happy.
Joseph: And I don't?
Mary: I didn't mean it that way. It's just that... you're so proud... and you get so angry.

Joseph: But I have nothing to give you. I-I'm only an apprentice. I really don't know how I'd make a living for us. I can imagine what your father would say. Well, I know what I would say... I really don't think your mother likes me...
Mary: Joseph, don't you want to know what I would say? I would say that I loved you the moment I saw you and that I will love you as long as I live.

The Young Messiah (2016)
Joseph: How do we explain God to his own son? I can't. Can you?
Mary: [to Jesus who has just walked in] You're a child that needs a meal and a nap.

Joseph: I know you have many questions. But you need to let them sleep in your heart for now. Why? Because your questions are the questions of a child. But the answers are the answers for a man. That is one bridge I cannot build. I don't know how. But God can, and we must trust him.
Jesus: I do. I trust him for everything.

Ben-Hur (1959)
Neighbor: You're not watching the soldiers, Joseph?
Joseph: We've seen Romans before.
Neighbor: Yes. And we will see them again.
[the neighbor examines some boards which have not been assembled]
Neighbor: My table is not finished. Where is your son?
Joseph: He's walking in the hills.
Neighbor: [disapproving] Mm-hm. He neglects his work, Joseph.
Joseph: No. Once I reproached him with forgetting his work. He said to me, "I must be about my Father's business."
Neighbor: Then why isn't he here, working?
Joseph: [smiling] He's working.

"Studio One in Hollywood: The Play of the Nativity of the Child Jesus (#5.13)" (1952)
Mary: God will us guide, full well wit ye; / Therefore, Joseph, be of good cheer. /For in this place born will he be / That shall save us from sorrows here /Both even and morn. /Sir, wit ye well the time is near/ He shall be born.
Joseph: Then had we better bide here still,/ Here in this same place all this night.

King of Kings (1961)
Lucius: [Arriving at Jesus' home in Nazareth on horseback with another Roman soldier and greeting the Holy Family] Do not fear. We're simply checking the census against the tax rolls.
[Reading from a scroll]
Lucius: Now, you are... Joseph. And you live here with your wife Mary.
Joseph: That is so.
Lucius: [Pointing to Jesus] Who's this boy?
Virgin Mary: My son, Jesus.
Lucius: [Looking at the scroll again] I have no record of His birth. When was He born?
Virgin Mary: Twelve years ago.
Lucius: Where?
Virgin Mary: In Bethlehem.
[Jesus walks away]
Lucius: [Realizing Jesus must have survived the killing of the young boys in Bethlehem which he commanded on Herod's orders 12 years before, and after a long, tense pause] Bethlehem.
[Mary nods "yes"]
Lucius: [to the other Roman soldier, who then rides away] Count those in the next house.
[to Mary]
Lucius: See that the boy is registered before the year is out.
[Lucius himself rides away, after which Joseph and Mary look at each other with relief]