Mary of Nazareth
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Mary of Nazareth (Character)
from The Nativity Story (2006)

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The Nativity Story (2006)
Elizabeth: Are you frightened?
Mary: Yes. A husband has been chosen for me. The law says I must remain pure for a year. How is he to believe this?
Elizabeth: Stay with us, then. We will pray for guidance.
Mary: Elizabeth, why is it me God has asked? I am nothing.
Elizabeth: Oh, child.

Anna: An angel told you this? That you will bear the son of God? Mary...
Mary: Elizabeth had a baby, even in her old age.
Joaquim: Elizabeth has a husband!
Anna: Women have been put to death for this. They could stone you in the streets.
Mary: Father, I have broken no vow.
Joaquim: You have broken every vow, Mary! Was it one of those soldiers? Was it?
Mary: I have told the truth. Whether you believe it is your choice, not mine.

Joseph: If I claim this child as mine, it will be lying. I would have broken a law laid down by God.
Mary: I would never ask you to lie.
Joseph: If I say this child is not mine, they will ask what I'm going to do. If I accuse you...
Mary: There is a will for this child greater than my fear of what they may do.

Joseph: "And you shall call his name Jesus, for it is he who will save his people from their sins." I know. Mary, God showed me. An angel came to me in my dream.
Mary: You believe me?
Joseph: I believe you. The child will need a father. I will declare him as my own.
Mary: People will not look at you the same. They will not look at us the same.
Joseph: You are my wife. I am your husband. That is all anyone need know.

Mary: You've never really told me of your dream.
Joseph: My dream?
[pause, he is teasing her and also contemplating his response]
Joseph: No.
Mary: Please, tell me.
Joseph: An angel came to me. He told me the child within you had been conceived by the Holy Spirit and that I should not be afraid.
Mary: Are you afraid?
Joseph: Yes.
Joseph: Are you?
Mary: Yes. Do you ever wonder when we'll know?
Joseph: Know what?
Mary: When he is more than just a child. Will it be something he says? A look in his eyes?
Joseph: I wonder if I will even be able to teach him anything.

Mary: I have broken no vow.

Mary: A husband has been chosen for me, how is he to believe this?

Mary: You believe me?
Joseph: Yes, the angel came to me in my dream.

Mary: How do we raise such a child?
Joseph: I wonder if I will even be able to teach Him anything.

Mary: [about the child, Jesus] He is for all mankind.

Mary: [places hand over stomach for a moment and then runs over to Elizabeth] He's moving!
Elizabeth: [smiles] Mine too.

Mary: My child. You will have a good and decent man to raise you. A man who will give of himself before anyone else.

King of Kings (1961)
[Jesus is mending a chair for the Virgin Mary, but has to leave for Jerusalem]
Jesus: The chair will have to wait until I return.
Virgin Mary: [having a vague premonition of Jesus' arrest, trial and death] The chair will never be mended. I am going with you.

Virgin Mary: I am alone now, share my table.
Mary Magdalene: I am a woman of sin.
Virgin Mary: You will share my table.
Mary Magdalene: I have done much evil.
Virgin Mary: Child, God knows evil exists as well as good. Just as there is light and darkness. Evil exists that we may be the better for it.

Camel Driver: [Spotting the 12-year-old Jesus, while refreshing himself in a well in Nazareth] Your son?
Virgin Mary: Yes.
Camel Driver: And, does He like being a carpenter?
Virgin Mary: Yes, He does.
Camel Driver: There's a big world outside this garden. Do you want Him to see it?
Virgin Mary: He will see it soon enough.
Camel Driver: Let me take Him with me. I'll pay you well. I can use a lad like that to help me with my caravan.
Virgin Mary: No. Someday, He will leave me, but someone else will call Him.
Camel Driver: And who will that be?
Virgin Mary: My son will know Him when He comes.

Lucius: [Arriving at Jesus' home in Nazareth on horseback with another Roman soldier and greeting the Holy Family] Do not fear. We're simply checking the census against the tax rolls.
[Reading from a scroll]
Lucius: Now, you are... Joseph. And you live here with your wife Mary.
Joseph: That is so.
Lucius: [Pointing to Jesus] Who's this boy?
Virgin Mary: My son, Jesus.
Lucius: [Looking at the scroll again] I have no record of His birth. When was He born?
Virgin Mary: Twelve years ago.
Lucius: Where?
Virgin Mary: In Bethlehem.
[Jesus walks away]
Lucius: [Realizing Jesus must have survived the killing of the young boys in Bethlehem which he commanded on Herod's orders 12 years before, and after a long, tense pause] Bethlehem.
[Mary nods "yes"]
Lucius: [to the other Roman soldier, who then rides away] Count those in the next house.
[to Mary]
Lucius: See that the boy is registered before the year is out.
[Lucius himself rides away, after which Joseph and Mary look at each other with relief]

Mary Magdalene: Will you speak to your son for me?
Virgin Mary: [humbled by the request] Intercede...

The Passion of the Christ (2004)
Mary: Why is this night different from every other night?

Mary: Flesh of my flesh... Heart of my heart... My son, let me die with you.

Mary: My Son... when, where, how... will You choose to be delivered of this?

The Young Messiah (2016)
Joseph: How do we explain God to his own son? I can't. Can you?
Mary: [to Jesus who has just walked in] You're a child that needs a meal and a nap.

Jesus: Tell me about the angel.
Mary: Of course. I knew you'd ask that. But listen well, because I'm only going to tell this story once. I was a good girl, strictly raised and betrothed to Joseph. When one morning my room filled with light. It was white light like the sun, but with no heat or pain. It was pure like the air itself was glowing. I saw a figure, larger than a man, but like a man inside the light. And it spoke to me. It said, "Hail, Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee." I had found favor with the Lord, and I was blessed among women. It said that from my womb would come a son. You. Named Jesus.

Mary: He's made you a child to grow in wisdom as well as in all other things. Keep your power inside you until your father in heaven shows you the time to use it. He did not give you to a scribe, a rabbi, or a king. He gave you to Joseph bar Jacob, the carpenter, and me, his betrothed, to raise you until that time.

Mary and Joseph: A Story of Faith (1979) (TV)
Joseph: I hope you enjoyed yourself... with your gypsy.
Mary: You're jealous. Joseph, it was just that he made me laugh. He made me feel happy.
Joseph: And I don't?
Mary: I didn't mean it that way. It's just that... you're so proud... and you get so angry.

Joseph: But I have nothing to give you. I-I'm only an apprentice. I really don't know how I'd make a living for us. I can imagine what your father would say. Well, I know what I would say... I really don't think your mother likes me...
Mary: Joseph, don't you want to know what I would say? I would say that I loved you the moment I saw you and that I will love you as long as I live.

The Miracle Maker (2000)
Lazarus: I don't understand. Joseph died and left you a set of tools, a workshop and contacts in the big city!
Jesus: Lazarus I have new work to do.
Mary: Is that what you mean by the kingdom?
Reuben: Yes! The kingdom of God! I mean, last time you came you were just fixing the door.
Jesus: Well is the door still opening smoothly?
[all laugh]

Mary of Nazareth: What did you say?
Jesus: Well, I said I had other work.
Mary of Nazareth: Your Father's work?
Jesus: Yes
Mary of Nazareth: You said that once... so long ago.
Jesus: But you remember?
Mary of Nazareth: I remember everything, all the way down to Jerusalem for the Passover, and then the crowds...
Mary of Nazareth: Nowhere... nowhere we couldn't find you. We searched Jerusalem night and day.
Sadduccee: [teaching in the temple] We must be strong in every way.
Young Jesus: What you say is true. And it is written, "out of the strong came forth sweetness," there is sweetness in God's law. And in His love, there is strength.
Mary of Nazareth: [sees Jesus] Oh my son! Why have you done this to us? We've been so worried!
Joseph of Nazareth: [to the Sadducees] Running away.
Young Jesus: Why were you looking for me? Didn't know know where I'd be? I have to be about my Father's business.
Mary of Nazareth: [remembering] After that, I lay awake. I lay awake for so many nights.
Mary of Nazareth: When are you going?
Jesus: At first light.
Mary of Nazareth: So soon?

The Affairs of God (2004)
Joseph: Tell me who schtupp'd you!
Mary: OK my husband. I'll tell you. You probably won't believe me though.
Joseph: Try me.
Mary: You promise not to laugh?
Joseph: Yeah.
Mary: It was God.
Joseph: It was that good, huh?

"The Simpsons: Homerazzi (#18.16)" (2007)
Rainer Wolfcastle: Time to squash that shutterbug.
Maria Quimby: You promised me you wouldn't swear revenge on our wedding day.
Rainer Wolfcastle: Promise revoked.

"Jesus of Nazareth: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1977)
Virgin Mary: Today, in our hearing, the scriptures are fulfilled.

The Decameron (1971)
The Madonna: This wine is bliss for us to piss!

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
Mary, Mother of Jesus: You're sure it's God and not the Devil? If it's the Devil, the Devil can be driven out.
Jesus: What if it is God? You can't drive out God, can you?

"Studio One in Hollywood: The Play of the Nativity of the Child Jesus (#5.13)" (1952)
Mary: God will us guide, full well wit ye; / Therefore, Joseph, be of good cheer. /For in this place born will he be / That shall save us from sorrows here /Both even and morn. /Sir, wit ye well the time is near/ He shall be born.
Joseph: Then had we better bide here still,/ Here in this same place all this night.

Hail Mary (1985)
[last lines]
Marie: I am of the Virgin, and I didn't want this being. I only left my imprint on the soul that helped me... you!

Elektra Luxx (2010)
Virgin Mary: It's how you do things, not necessarily the things you do, that make you who you are.