High Priest Caiaphas
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High Priest Caiaphas (Character)
from "A.D. The Bible Continues" (2015)

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Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)
Caiaphas: One thing I'll say for him, Jesus is cool.

Caiaphas: We need a more permanent solution to our problem...

Annas: He's just another scripture thumping hack from Galilee.
Caiaphas: The difference is they call him king, the difference frightens me.

Caiaphas: We've been sitting on the fence for far too long.

Caiaphas: Fools! You have no perception! The stakes we are gambling are frighteningly high. We must crush him completely! So like John before him, this Jesus must die!

Judas: You beat him so hard that he was bent and lame; and I know who everybody's gonna blame! I don't believe he knows I acted for our good! I'd save him all this suffering if I could! Don't believe... our good... and I'd save him if I could!
Annas: Cut the confessions! Cut out the dramatics! I don't understand why you're filled with remorse! All that you've said has come true with avengeance! The mob turned against him, you backed the right horse!
Caiaphas: What you have done will mean the saving of Israel, you'll be remembered forever for this! Not only that, you've been paid for your efforts. Pretty good wages for one little kiss!

Caiaphas: We turn to Rome to sentence Nazareth. We have no law to put a man to death. We need him crucified! It's all you have to do! We need him crucified, it's all you have to do!

"Great Performances: Jesus Christ Superstar (#29.11)" (2000)
Judas: I haven't thought at all about my own reward; I didn't really come here of my own accord. Just don't say I'm damned for all time!
Annas: Cut the protesting, forget the excuses. We want information, get up off the floor!
Caiaphas: We have the papers we need to arrest him. You know his movements, we know the law.
Annas: Your help in this matter will not go unrewarded.
Caiaphas: We'll pay you in silver, cash on the nail. We just need to know where the soldiers can find him...
Annas: With no crowd around him.
Caiaphas: Then we can't fail.
Judas: I don't need your blood money!
Caiaphas: Oh, that doesn't matter, our expenses our good.
Judas: I don't want your blood money!
Annas: But you might as well take it. We think that you should.
Caiaphas: Think of the things you could do with that money. Choose any charity - give to the poor. We've noted your motives, we've noted your feelings. This isn't blood money, it's a fee, nothing... fee, nothing... fee, nothing more.

Caiaphas: (to the Pharises) Fools! You have no perception! The stakes that we're gambling are frightfully high! We must crush him completely! So, like John before him, this Jesus must die! For the sake of the nation, this Jesus must die!

Caiaphas: I see bad things arising! They would make king whom the Romans would ban! I see blood and destruction, our elimination because of one man!

Pontious Pilate: And so this king is once again my guest. And why is this? Was Herod unimpressed?
Caiaphas: We turn to Rome to sentence Nazareth. We have no law to put a man to death. We need him crucified. It's all you have to do.
Caiaphas, Annas: We need him crucified. It's all you have to do.

The Passion of the Christ (2004)
Judas: I have sinned, betrayed innocent blood. Take the money back! I don't want it!
Caiphas: If you believe you have betrayed innocent blood, that is your affair. Now, take the money... and go.

[being questioned after his arrest]
Caiphas: Tell us, are you the Messiah? The Son of the living God?
Jesus: I am...

Caiphas: They say you're a king. Where is this kingdom of yours? What line of kings do you descend from? Speak up! You're just the son of some obscure carpenter, no? Some say you're Elijah, but he was carried off to Heaven in a chariot! Why don't you say something? You've been brought here as a blasphemer! What do you say to that? Defend yourself.
Jesus: I have spoken openly to everyone. I've taught in the Temple where we all gathered. Ask those who have heard what I have to say.
Temple Guard: Is that how you address the High Priest? With arrogance?
[the Temple guard strikes Jesus with authority]
Jesus: If I have spoken evil, tell me what evil I have said. But if not, why do you hit me?

Annas: Yes, we'll listen to those that have heard your blashpemies. Good! Let's hear them!
Accuser: He cures the sick by magic! With the help of devils! I've seen it. He casts out devils, with the help of devils.
Accuser: He calls himself the King of the Jews!
Accuser: No, he calls himself the Son of God! He said he would destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days!
Accuser: Worse! He claims he's the Bread of Life! And if we don't eat his flesh or drink his blood we won't inherit eternal life.
Caiphas: Silence! You're all under this man's spell. Either offer proof of his wrongdoing or be quiet!
Nicodemus: This entire proceeding is an outrage. All I've heard from these "witnesses" is mindless contradiction!

Barabbas (2014/I)
Joseph of Arimethea: He's stirring up trouble. The Romans will consider this a first sign of rebellion.
Caiaphus: They'll kill us all. We have to get this "Jesus" out of the city. Get rid of him somehow. A man like that cannot be allowed to live.

Parthena: It just doesn't feel safe to be a Roman these days.
Caiaphus: Not terribly safe to be Jewish, either.

The Miracle Maker (2000)
Ben Azra: Pilate will destroy the temple and all that we have!
Caiaphas: You know nothing! Nothing at all. Don't you realise that all the might and anger of Caesar can be aimed at one man. At this magician from Nazareth. Let one man die, and all the people will be saved.

Pontius Pilate: Don't you want your King?
Caiaphas: The only King we want is Caesar, and if you do nothing about this, then you are no friend of Caesar.
Pontius Pilate: ...I'm washing my hands of this... of all of you.
Pontius Pilate: Deal with their King according to Roman law.

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
Caiaphas: Jesus of Nazareth, your crimes are so many I scarcely know where to begin.

King of Kings (1961)
Caiaphas: Tax collectors and harlots!

"The Bible: Mission (#1.7)" (2013)
Caiaphas: Nothing important ever came from Galilee.

Judas (2004) (TV)
High Priest Caiaphas: I hear that Jesus is quite captivating. I look forward to meeting the young fellow.