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Delilah (Character)
from Samson and Delilah (1949)

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Samson and Delilah (1949)
Samson: The oldest trick in the world. Silk trap, baited with a woman.
Delilah: You know a better bait, Samson? Men *always* respond.

[Samson has chosen Semadar over Delilah as his bride]
Delilah: I hate him.
Tubal: Because he's a Danite?
Delilah: Because he's a fool!
Tubal: Most men are, Delilah. There's nothing you can do about it.
Delilah: [smiles craftily] Sometimes a bee can move an ox.

Delilah: No man leaves Delilah.

Tubal: [holding Delilah and trading her for Semadar] Look! Here! Samson. My other daughter. Take her. She'll make you a much better wife. She's fairer than Semadar, and much, much more beautiful.
Samson: You give me a turnip for a...
Tubal: Wait, wait Samson. This one is a queen among women. Samson, look. Look. Have you ever seen eyes like that? So full of love for you? See the whiteness of her skin, smooth as a young dove's. Oh she'll grow into a rare blossom.
Samson: She'll grow into a thornbush!
Delilah: [grasps Samson] Did a thornbush steal the chariot that took you to the lion? Did a thornbush tell the Saran how you killed it with your bare hands? No, I did, and he believed me, then you chose Semadar.
Samson: Take your claws out of me!
Delilah: You'll never get them out of you. I made Ahtur steal the riddle's secret from Semadar. I lied to stop you from marrying her. I'll kill to keep you. You're the only thing in the world I want.
Samson: [to Tubal] Hold this fork-tongued adder before I put a heel on her.
Delilah: If you crush the life out of me I'd kiss you with my dying breath!
Samson: [to Tubal] And you want me to marry this wild cat?

Delilah: They're devils.
Saran of Gaza: No, they're very human. The weak always ban together to pull down the strong.
Lord of Gath: Your lion has become a mouse.
Saran of Gaza: Changed by the magic of love.

Targil: [about Samson's riddle] That scurvy riddle has no answer.
Delilah: Every riddle has an answer, only you are all to stupid to find it.
Gammad: Find it? Where?
Delilah: [pours wine into Gammad's cup] Not in your wine cup, Gammad.

Delilah: The wine of parting is bitter, Samson.
Samson: Not as bitter as blood.

Delilah: [looking upon Samson in the gristmill, not knowing that he has been blinded] He has not dared to look at me.
Saran of Gaza: He cannot see you.
Delilah: I'll make him see me.
[stands in front of Samson, slowly noticing his blinded eyes, which fill her with deep remorse]
Delilah: He's blind. He can never see me again.
Saran of Gaza: Does that disturb you?
Delilah: I had your promise.
Saran of Gaza: No blade has touched his skin. No drop of his blood was shed.
Delilah: [sobs] You... you played with words to rob him of his eyes.
Saran of Gaza: It was you who betrayed him, not I.
Delilah: He was captive, in chains, yet the Lord of the Five Cities could not show him mercy?
Saran of Gaza: Did you show him mercy, Delilah? You wanted vengeance. You have it.

Saran of Gaza: Every cup of water, every morsel of food, must be guided into his hands. The mighty Samson, betrayed by a woman.
Delilah: No.
Saran of Gaza: Blinded, ridiculed, pitied.
Delilah: No, I did not blind him!
Saran of Gaza: [Delilah tries to go to Samson, but the Saran holds her back] Are you going to be as big a fool as you've made of him? He'd kill you. You cannot undo what has been done.

Delilah: [being tormented by the Saran's words that she "cannot undo" her betrayal of Samson, his subsequent blinding, and his bondage of grinding grain in the gristmill] I can! I can! Round and round, day after day, month after month. He never stops! I'm being crushed like the grain beneath the stone. This night must end sometime. O God of Samson, help me. He said you are everywhere. That you are almighty. Hear me. Give back the light to his eyes. Take my sight for his. O god of Samson... Help me.

Delilah: You love him. Women cannot deceive each other. It is in your face when you look at him. You want him for yourself.
Miriam: Yes, I love him. In his face, I see all that is strong and good. His name is like a cry of hope for us. I've dreamed that someday Samson would take me for his wife. But he's never looked upon me as a woman.
Delilah: His face... his name... shadows on the wall. You think that is love? You worship him with prayers and downcast eyes. I love him as a man of flesh and blood!
Miriam: He is not leaving you for me. There is a higher voice that speaks through him, and he will always answer its call. Even your treacherous beauty cannot turn him from it.
Delilah: I cannot fight against his god. But no woman will take him from me.

Hisham: [From afar, Delilah observes her home going up in flames] Turn away, little mistress. Don't look anymore. All you have in the world is ashes and death.
Delilah: [turns around and sobs] Samson lives.
Hisham: May his flesh rot from his bones.
Delilah: Be still, old fool. If it takes all my life, I'll make him curse the day he was born.
Hisham: He called you a fork-tongued adder.
Delilah: He's going to feel its sting.
Hisham: [holds Delilah's hand] What strength can these hands have against him?
Delilah: Perhaps greater than a lion's and softer than a dove's. I'll find strength, Hisham. Strength to destroy him!

Prince Ahtur: This Samson has some unknown power, some secret that gives him superhuman strength. No man can stand against him.
Delilah: Perhaps he'll fall before a woman. Even Samson's strength must have a weakness. There isn't a man in the world who would not share his secrets with some woman.

Samson: Delilah...
Delilah: No, I will not listen.
Samson: But you asked me to...
Delilah: I don't want to hear you.
Samson: Three times you plagued me to tell you.
Delilah: And three times you've lied to me. You said new ropes that had never been used would hold you.
Samson: Who knows the strength of a rope that's never been used?
Delilah: Then you told me your strength would go if I wove your hair to the web of my loom. Now look at my loom.
Samson: I'd rather look at you.
Delilah: It's no use, Samson. You'll always find a new trick to deceive me. The night I came to the Valley of Sorek, you wanted to send me away. You were right. It is better that I go.

Hercules, Samson & Ulysses (1963)
Saran of Gaza: No one knows who Samson is. No one has ever seen him. He's been away. I don't know where. But we've heard of his fearful deeds. And we are certain that he exists.
Delilah, Philistine Queen: My lord, Delilah exists too. I'll know how to receive Samson and how to tame him.

Ercole: To send a woman here is strange. What's the purpose of it?
Delilah, Philistine Queen: Because the king *really* trusts me.

Saran of Gaza: Samson is on his way here with the Danites.
Delilah, Philistine Queen: So much the better. You won't have to look for him anymore.
Saran of Gaza: You don't understand. Now he is hunting for me. He's openly challenging me. He'll stop at nothing!
Delilah, Philistine Queen: Ah. Can't the Philistine king protect and defend himself?
Saran of Gaza: Do you think it easy to fight against someone who believes he was sent here by his god?

Saran of Gaza: And why should I have to defend myself? This land is mine by right of conquest. Those men are my subjects. Every one of them owes me obedience.
Delilah, Philistine Queen: And tribute. And slaves. That's why they love you so well, my lord.

Saran of Gaza: Samson has sworn that... I will be murded.
Delilah, Philistine Queen: Where is your courage? You must set an example for the rest. You know, like you did in that village - the Danites that had no defense.

Delilah, Philistine Queen: I fear these people.
Sansone: They are of my faith. They worship of my God.

Delilah, Philistine Queen: You see? Hercules was the only man who could catch Samson in the whole country. I knew he could do it. And do you know what made it possible?
Saran of Gaza: It was possible because you came between them.

Delilah, Philistine Queen: Why have they stopped?
Saran of Gaza: A soldier has to be encouraged. You'll see. Just watch how I inspire them.
[Saran signals his archers to fire upon the stationary soldiers]