Herod Antipas
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Herod Antipas (Character)
from Salome (1953)

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King of Kings (1961)
Herodias: I heard that name John the Baptist. I hear he speaks evil things of me wherever he goes.
Salome: His heart should be ripped from his body!
Herod Antipas: Your daughter, Herodias, grows more like her mother day by day.
Salome: Do I not please you?
Herod Antipas: My stepdaughter pleases me very much, Salome.

Salome: [to John the Baptist] Yes, we do live in a very wicked world.
Salome: You frighten me, you angry man!
Herod Antipas: Salome, come back!
Salome: This beast amuses me. Make him dance! On a bed of hot coals.
Herodias: For better to cut his vicious tongue from its roots.

Herod Antipas: [observing John the Baptist from a distance] One more Messiah on the way. Do these Jews never tire of inventing deliverers?

Herod Antipas: Dance for me Salome! Salome, drink little wine. Taste this, so that I may drain the cup.
Salome: I'm not thirsty.

Herod Antipas: Salome, dance for me. I command you to dance!
Salome: I will not dance.
Herod Antipas: You cannot refuse me. Salome will now dance for us!
Salome: I do refuse.
Herod Antipas: Salome, I beg of you. I'll give you anything you want.

Herod Antipas: Tell me, Lucius. What manner of man is Pontius Pilate? How should I treat him? What is his weakness?
Lucius: Same as any man. Vanity.

Pontius Pilate: [Lucius is reporting to Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount] What did the man say?
Lucius: [dryly] He spoke of... peace, love, and the brotherhood of man.
Herod Antipas: Humph! Is that all?
Lucius: That is all.
[Lucius leaves]
Herod Antipas: [noticing Pilate looks puzzled] What is the matter?
Pontius Pilate: The look on Lucius' face.
Herod Antipas: He had a long journey. He looked tired.
Pontius Pilate: He looked more than tired to my eyes.

Herod: Lucius, order every first born male child put to the sword.
Lucius: I am a Roman soldier. I do not murder children.

The Miracle Maker (2000)
Herod: You say this Jesus can perform the impossible?
Ben Azra: Oh he can perform powerful illusions Majesty.
Herod: Powerful illusions. Well isn't all human power an illusion?
Pharisee: Not the Kingship granted to Herod.
Herod: You really are encouraging to a vulnerable soul. Oh, if only Caesar was as sympathetic as you. But if I fail to govern my people, what will happen to us if Pilate sends reports back to Rome? And if this Jesus goes on and on performing such extraordinary tricks? Hmm? Where will it end?

Herod: Oh what a pleasure. What an honour to be in the presence of the King. The King of the Jews! Look, I bow, I kiss your feet. Robes! The finest. A crown.
[he presents the crown of thorns]
Herod: Send his majesty back to Pilate! Let Rome decide the fate of this dumb prophet. This marvellous mute King of Jews.

Herod: Yes. The death of John was... unfortunate.
Ben Azra: But necessary my lord Herod! A warning to the people!
Herod: To warn them of what?
Ben Azra: Disobeying their rulers. Destroying *your* kingdom.
Herod: You do have a talent for easing my conscience. And yet one dead prophet is clearly not enough for you.

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
John the Baptist: Are you going to free me?
Herod Antipas: I am going to kill you.
John the Baptist: Then you free me!
Herod Antipas: [walking away] I hope so.

King Herod: The child of imagination is the child I fear.

"Great Performances: Jesus Christ Superstar (#29.11)" (2000)
King Herod: Jesus, I am overjoyed to meet you, face to face. You've been getting quite a name all around the place. Healing cripples, raising from the dead, and now I understand your God. At least, that's what you've said.

King Herod: Hey! Aren't you scared of me, Christ? Mister Wonderful Christ? You're a joke, you're not the Lord! You are nothing but a fraud! Take him away, he's got nothing to say! Get out you king of the - Get out - Get out you king of the Jews!

The Nativity Story (2006)
King Herod: I will end this threat to my rule.
[Herod then sends all his guards to kill any child under 2 years old - or any woman carrying a child]
Townswoman: No, not my child.

King Herod: I once had a wife who betrayed me. Two sons did the same... before your time.
King Herod: Where are they now?
Antipas: No more.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)
King Herod: So, if you are the Christ, you're the great Jesus Christ, prove to me that you're divine. Change my water into wine! That's all you need do, then I'll know it's all true. Come on, King of the Jews!

King Herod: I only ask things I'd ask any superstar. What is it that you have got that puts you where you are?

Cleopatra (1934)
Cleopatra: Welcome.
Herod: I hope to renew an old friendship.
Cleopatra: I hope so too.
Herod: Well, time has made you older and wiser - and me younger and more beautiful.

Herod: My friend, when a man is drunk with love, he can't divide his concentration with wine, you know. All major emotions are greedy.

"Jesus of Nazareth: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1977)
Herod Antipas: And we go on sinning. And very pleasant it is, too.

The Passion of the Christ (2004)
[being questioned by King Herod]
King Herod: Are you the one whose birth was foretold?
[Jesus is silent]
King Herod: Answer me! Are you a king? How about me? Will you work a little magic for me? He's not guilty of a crime, he's just crazy.

Herod the Great (1959)
Herod: Aaron, I can let you die quickly, or I can keep you alive so that you will curse the woman who brought you into this world.

"Jesus of Nazareth: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1977)
Herod Antipas: John if I set you free, what would you do with your freedom?
John the Baptist: I would follow the one whose way I have prepared, like so many others who already follow him, but you will not set me free.