Prophet Samuel
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Prophet Samuel (Character)
from King David (1985)

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King David (1985)
[first lines]
Saul's guard: The king cannot speak with you now. He is engaged in the affairs of state.
Samuel: Since when have the affairs of state taken precedence over the affairs of God?
[shoves his way past and enters Saul's throne room]
Saul: ...Samuel. We welcome you. With God's blessing, our victory is complete.
Samuel: Is THIS how you show Him your gratitude... by robbing the Amalekites of their women and cattle? By holding their king in chains?
Saul: We were discussing a possible treaty. The king is to be ransomed...
Samuel: A *treaty?* *Ransom?* Saul, for this you have betrayed your own soul in the sight of God. His instructions were plain enough: "... Spare nothing from the sword."
[beheads the Amalekite king]
Samuel: ... When our tribes clamored for a king, to make us like other nations, I answered them: "We are not like other nations. The Lord of Hosts is both our God and our King." The people said, "We want a king we can see. We want a king of our own flesh and blood."
[holds up the severed head]
Samuel: Here are your kings of flesh and blood. Here is a king you can see.
[throws the head at Saul's feet]

Samuel: God is not a man that He should deceive you... The Lord does not see as man sees. Men judge by outward appearances, but the Lord judges by the heart alone.
[to David]
Samuel: You kneel before me as the shepherd of your father's flock, but God has chosen you... to be the shepherd of His people Israel, to unite His scattered tribes into one nation... and to send the heathen from His promised land.
Young David: My brothers are all soldiers. Why not choose one of them?
Samuel: It was not I who chose you. It was the Lord God of Israel.
Young David: I am the least in my father's house.
Samuel: You are a child after God's own heart.
Young David: If I stand so well in His sight, why not let Him command me face to face?
Jesse: Because no man may see God face to face and live. God speaks to man through the mouths of His prophets.
Samuel: So be it. When I have gone the way of all flesh, you shall be brought before the king by one of his sons. Then shall the Lord challenge you, even as you have challenged Him, to defend His name and His honor. Have no fear, David. The Lord shall not forsake you so long as you keep His laws and obey His prophets without question.

"Testament: The Bible in Animation: David and Saul (#1.9)" (1996)
Samuel: Today the Lord God has torn the kingdom of Israel from out of your hands. He will pass it to another man, a better man than you.
Saul: Another man?
Samuel: We shall not meet again. Not til your dying day.