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Potiphar (Character)
from The Story of Jacob and Joseph (1974) (TV)

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Joseph (1995) (TV)
Potiphar: And to whom are these prayers addressed to? Which gods?
Joseph: Only one, my lord.
Potiphar: Only one god. Must be very poor indeed.
[crowd laughs]
Joseph: My God provides for all my needs.
Potiphar: He hasn't done very well for you, has he?
[more laughter]

Potiphar's Wife: [after Joseph is spared execution] You sent him to prison? At your pleasure? What about my honor?
Potiphar: What honor?
Potiphar's Wife: How dare you!
Potiphar: I know you, wife. I know you.
Potiphar's Wife: You don't understand. Whatever you may think of me... how could you? How could you humiliate me like that?
Potiphar: Because one humiliation deserves another. Wife, anyone who knows Joseph also knows that if he swears by his God then he's telling the truth.

Potiphar: You had better prostrate quickly.
Joseph: You know I cannot.
Pharaoh: [furious] You what?
Joseph: Clearly the Pharaoh is greatness itself but my faith decrees that I can only kneel before God - even on pain of death.
Pharaoh: [laughs] Come forward. Take heed, magicians. Whatever happens, I know this man won't lie to me.

Potiphar: I'd be careful if I were you. You worship as you like in Canaan but in Egypt only Pharaoh, son of Ra, is god.

Potiphar's Wife: They say whatever he touches flourishes.
Potiphar: Is this true?
[Ednan nods]

Potiphar: Do you think you could bring some order in my home if I brought you out of the fields?
Joseph: Out of the fields, master, I can do anything.
Potiphar: Then out of the fields you shall be! We will see just how things flourish under your hand or perhaps, the hand of your God.

Potiphar's Wife: What is more important to you? His God or my good name?
Potiphar: The truth?
Potiphar's Wife: The truth.
Potiphar: Yes, that's what matters.

Joseph: Forgiveness is greater than vengeance; compassion more powerful than anger.
Potiphar: As I myself have learned.

Merchant: He's submissive, he's obedient, and he knows his place! Never opens his mouth except to pray.
Potiphar: Is that true, boy?
Merchant: Answer the master!
[Joseph nods]

Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) (V)
Potiphar: You there! Have you cleaned this entire courtyard by yourself?
Joseph: Yes.
Zuleika: He's a hard worker.
[whispering to Potiphar]
Zuleika: Maybe we could put him to better use at the banquet hall.
Potiphar: My wife thinks you should work for her. What do you say?
Joseph: I cannot say. A slave is not his own master.
Potiphar: Well said.

[Potiphar comes into Joseph's prison cell]
Joseph: Potiphar?
Potiphar: Pharoah's butler said you interpreted dreams.
Joseph: That is true, yes.
Potiphar: Pharoah is tortured by a dream. None of his wise men can explain it. I am to bring you to the palace.
Joseph: Potiphar! It's good to see you
[Joseph gives a huge smile]
Potiphar: .
Potiphar: How could I have allowed this to happen? My wife...
Joseph: I understand. Let's go.