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Sephora (Character)
from The Ten Commandments (1956)

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The Ten Commandments (1956)
Moses: Does your god live on this mountain?
Sephora: Sinai is His high place, His temple.
Moses: If this god is God, he would live on every mountain, in every valley. He would not be the god of Ishmael or Israel alone, but of all men. It is said he created all men in his image. He would dwell in every heart, every mind, every soul.

Sephora: I do not know about such things, but I do know that the mountain rumbles when God is there, and the earth trembles, and the cloud is red with fire.
Moses: At such a time, has any man ever gone to see Him, face-to-face?
Sephora: No man has ever set foot on the forbidden slopes of Sinai. Why do you want to see Him, Moses?
Moses: To know that He is. And if He is, to know why He has not heard the cries of slaves in bondage.

Nefretiri: You need have no fear of me.
Sephora: I feared only his memory of you.
Nefretiri: You have been able to erase it.
Sephora: He has forgotten both of us. You lost him when he went to seek his God. I lost him when he found his God.

[Nefretiri and Sephora look upon one another for the only time]
Sephora: The queen of Egypt is beautiful, as he told me.

Jethro's daughter: [Sephora saw Moses, asleep and drew her six sisters, to see him as he slept. Jethro's seven daughters looked at Moses asleep and admired him] He's eaten a whole bunch of dates.
[then, they all quietly chuckled, in humor]
Sephora: We drew this water.
Amalekite herder: Out of the way, girl.
Sephora: This is the well of Jethro, our father. You have no right here.
Amalekite herder: Our goats don't know your father.
Sephora: Jethro's mark is on the well.
Amalekite: They can't read, either.
[while speaking, he also chuckles, at the same time]
Amalekite: Nor can we!
[while was speaking, he also chuckles, at the same time]
Amalekite herder: Then let him breed sons to guard it, not daughters.
[an Amalekite herdsman pushed Sephora down, to the ground and Moses quickly defended Jethro's seven daughters and defeated the Amalekites, catching them off guard, combatting with them, using only his staff]
Jethro's daughter: Drive them away!
Moses: Let them be first whose hands have drawn the water.
Sephora: The stranger is wise... and strong.
Moses: Drive back your goats until the sheep are watered.
Amalekite herder: All right, all right.

Gershom: [Moses and Sephora are now parents] Did the little boy die in the desert, my father?
Moses: No. God brought Ishmael and his mother Hagar into a good land.
Gershom: The same God who lives on the mountain?
Moses: It may be, my son.
Sephora: Moses! Moses!
Moses: Here!
[Gershom starts to try blow shofar and Moses chuckles]
Moses: [to Gershom] Your mother's calling.
Sephora: Moses, there is a man among the sheep.
[Sephora saw Joshua]
Moses: Keep sounding the alarm, Gershom, but stay here till your mother comes.
Sephora: [to Moses] In the cleft. Behind the rock.
Moses: Your eyes are as sharp as they are beautiful.

Sephora: Which of my sisters did you choose?
Moses: I made no choice, Sephora.
Sephora: She was very beautiful, wasn't she? This woman of Egypt, who left her scar upon your heart. Her skin was white as curd, her eyes green as the cedars of Lebanon, her lips, tamarisk honey. Like the breast of a dove, her arms were soft... and the wine of desire was in her veins.
Moses: Yes. She was beautiful... as a jewel.
Sephora: A jewel has brilliant fire, but it gives no warmth. Our hands are not so soft, but they can serve. Our bodies not so white, but they are strong. Our lips are not perfumed, but they speak the truth. Love is not an art to us. It's life to us. We are not dressed in gold and fine linen. Strength and honor are our clothing. Our tents are not the columned halls of Egypt, but our children play happily before them. We can offer you little... but we offer all we have.
Moses: I have not little, Sephora. I have nothing.
Sephora: Nothing from some... is more than gold from others.
Moses: You would fill the emptiness of my heart?
Sephora: I could never fill all of it, Moses, but I shall not be jealous of a memory.

The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Tzipporah: Look. Look at your people, Moses. They are free.

Tzipporah: [Moses has fallen into Jethro's Well] What are you girls doing?
Sister: We're trying to get the funny man out of the well!
Tzipporah: Trying to get the funny man out of the well. Well, that's one I've never heard before.
[She looks down the well]
Tzipporah: Oh! Oh, my! Don't worry down there! We'll get you out! Hold on!
[She sees it is Moses]
Tzipporah: You!
[Tzipporah lets go of the rope, nods, and saunters away]
Sister: That's why Papa says she'll never get married.

Aaron: So, Moses, how does it feel when *you* get struck to the ground?
Moses: I... didn't mean to cause you more pain. I'm just trying to do what God told me.
Aaron: God? When did God start caring about any of us?
Aaron: In fact, Moses, when did *you* start caring about slaves? Was it when you found out that you were one of us?
Tzipporah: Don't listen to him.
Moses: No, he's right. I did not see because I did not *wish* to see.
Aaron: Oh, you didn't see because you didn't...
Aaron: wish to see! Ah! Well that makes everything fine then, doesn't it?

Tzipporah: I won't be given to anyone, especially an arrogant, pampered, palace *brat*!
Rameses: [laughs, to Moses] Are you going to let her talk to you like that?
Moses: [Scoffs] You will show the proper respect for a prince of Egypt.
Tzipporah: But I *am* showing you all the respect you deserve: None!
[Pulls rope free]
Moses: [to approaching guards] No, wait!
[Dives and grabs rope]
Moses: Be still!
Tzipporah: [Starts pulling rope] Untie this rope! I demand you set me free!
Moses: Be still!
Tzipporah: Let go!
Moses: [Notices pond behind Tzipporah, smiles] As you wish.
[Abruptly lets go]

The Ten Commandments (2006) (TV)
Moses: This is my flock, I can not abbandon it.
Zipporah: We'll stay with you.

Zipporah: Why is God punishing you? He's taken your brother Menerith, made you turn your back on Jethro who's like a father to you, turn your back on me, on your sons. How much more will He take from you? Is what you're seeking worth what it's costing you?