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Quotes for
Demyx (Character)
from Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)

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Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
Demyx: I told them they were sending the wrong guy...
Sora: Who is this kook?
Demyx: [turns and points finger at Sora] Silence, traitor.

Demyx: Aw, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad!

Demyx: Dance Water! Dance!

Demyx: Run-Run away!
[vanishes in a cloud of black smoke]
Sora: ...Oookay...

Demyx: Lets see here...
[pulls out a notecard and reads it]
Demyx: 'If the subject fails to respond... use agression to liberate his true disposition.'... Right.
[puts note card away]
Demyx: Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one...

Demyx: [screaming] No way!
[Demyx dies]
Sora: Anyone from the Organization who'd like to be next?
Donald Duck: Hey, Sora! Don't antagonize them!
Goofy: Yeah, we gotta go help our friends out first.
Sora: Oh. Sorry.
Donald Duck: Then let's go!

Sora: You're bizzare... Ah!
[Demyx pulls Olympus Stone out of his pocket]
Goofy: He's gotta be the theif!
Demyx: Now that's just plain rude!

Demyx: Oh, it's no use.