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Vayne Carudas Solidor (Character)
from Final Fantasy XII (2006) (VG)

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Final Fantasy XII (2006) (VG)
Vayne Solidor: Your lives are forfeit, and your insurgence with them. Dalmasca will again know order. For good and all I shall bring your futile attempts at rebellion to an end.

Vayne Solidor: People of Rabanastre! Is it with hatred you look upon your consul? With hatred you look upon the Empire?
Crowd: Spit on your empire! Go back to Archadia!
Vayne Solidor: There was little point in asking. But know this: I hold no idle hopes of frustrating that hatred. Nor shall I ask your fealty. That is the due of your fallen King, and rightly so. King Raminas loved his people; strove to bring you peace. His was a rule worthy of your devotion. Even now, he remains among you, protecting you. His ardor for the peace and weal of Dalmasca falters not! I would ask only that you do your King honor. Together, let us embrace the peace His Majesty would surely desire. Two years now divide us from war's bitter end, yet still its shadow looms over all, stifling the infant peace, a pall only you may cast off! Achieve but this one thing, and your hatred of me and of the Empire will grieve me not. I will stand fast. I will endure your hatred, suffer your slings and arrows - I will defend Dalmasca! Here I will pay my debt. I swear it now. Though King Raminas and Lady Ashe be gone, they stand ever at the side of their people. In honoring peace, you do honor to their memory, and to Dalmasca. What I ask, I ask plain. My hopes now rest with you.
Crowd: [cheers and applause]

Vayne Solidor: Those decrepit, basking fools in Archades tie my hands, and look what happens! I tell you, this country's obstinancy knows no bounds.
Judge Gabranth: The insurgents in Rabanastre operate alone at present. However, should they garner external support, the situation could worsen. We have found the counter-Imperial elements in Bhujerba to be conspicuously well-funded. No doubt Marquis Ondore is behind this. Ondore must be reined in.
Vayne Solidor: By the way, the Marquis has written us a letter. He claims that he's recaptured our runaway. He's given him to Ghis.
Judge Gabranth: ...He will die by my hand.
Vayne Solidor: Your fraternity is moving.

Vayne Solidor: I bid you welcome to my sky fortress, the Bahamut. I must apologize for my delay in welcoming you aboard my ship. Permit me to ask: who are you? An angel of vengeance? Or perchance a saint of salvation?
Ashe: I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.
Vayne Solidor: Such a woman is not fit to bear the burden of rule. Weep for Dalmasca, for She is lost. Observe well, Larsa. Watch and mark you the suffering of one who must rule, yet lacks the power.

Vayne Solidor: This crisis would not end were I gone. The Senate hates the very fact that House Solidor exists. By necessity, we must find reason to silence them.
Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor: Necessity? Ah, yes, necessity. Does that word free you, I wonder? You show no hesitation to solve matters with blood.
Vayne Solidor: The sword of House Solidor cannot be left to rust in doubt. It was you, Excellency, who tempered that sword.
Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor: Is this your idea of vengeance?
Vayne Solidor: It is my idea of necessity.