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Quotes for
Paine (Character)
from Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) (VG)

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Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) (VG)
Rikku: Dr. P is in the house!
Paine: Stop that!

Yuna: Give me a Y!
Rikku: Give me an R!
Paine: Give me a break.

Rikku: I'm gonna kick you in the spleen!
Paine: "Spleen"?

[after defeating the enemies]
Rikku: Duck soup!
Paine: Duck what?

Leblanc: Want in on this number? Then show me your moves!
Paine: Think you can keep up?

Brother: [while Yuna is hanging off a cliff] What's your status?
Rikku: Disasterific!
Brother: "Disasterific" is not a word! Say "disastrous" like the rest of Spira!
Paine: [to Rikku] Want me to hurt him?
Rikku: That'd be great.

[the girls are ambushed by a Guardian Creature]
Rikku: Umm... Think we need a password?
Paine: How 'bout: "Kick.Its.Ass"?

[as the party is ambushed]
Paine: All yours, Yuna.
Yuna: Where are YOU going?

[Sizing up the enemy before a fight]
Paine: Easy.
Yuna: You think so?
Rikku: Less talk! More fight!

[the demure Lady Yuna gets tough with a wandering monster]
Yuna: You're going down!
Paine: That's the spirit!

[Paine, as Black Mage, prepares to strike with a fire spell]
Paine: Smoking's bad for you.

Paine: Come get some!
Yuna: Paine gets all the good lines.

Paine: You're a pain. Minus four respect points, Rikku.
Rikku: Uh-oh, how many points left?
Paine: Forty-seven.
Rikku: That's not a whole lot, is it?

[as the party is ambushed]
Paine: I think I'll take a break.
Rikku: WHAT?
Yuna: Hey. We need you.

[Yuna finished viewing Leblanc's Sphere]
Paine: She got us.
Yuna: Oh, poopie!
Rikku: Yuna! Don't talk like that!
Yuna: I'm just copying you!
Paine: That's nice. And?
Yuna: We're gonna take it back! No one messes with us!

[Paine transforms into a Gunner]
Paine: You're no challenge. Just target practice.

[after defeating a party of fiends]
Paine: Sorry we had to win.
Rikku: I'm not.

[Paine transforms into White Mage]
Paine: I'll heal you if I have to, but don't get careless.

Rikku: You're not getting away.
Paine: Confident, huh?

Paine: Bring it, punk!

[about Brother]
Paine: Want me to hit him?
Rikku: That'd be great

Clasko: Oh, no! I can't raise anything without a chocobo!
Paine: You've got your work cut out for you.

Brother: This is Brother. You all right?
Yuna: Yeah, we're fine.
Brother: I'll be waiting!
Paine: [walks off] Talk about a one-tracked mind.

Paine: [in songstress dress] I hate this dressphere...

Paine: [watches Yuna running off] I was wrong. She doesn't get dragged into trouble.
Rikku: She jumps in head first.

Paine: Keep this up and someone will beat us to it.

Rikku: [at hotspring in bikinis] Hmm... what have we here?
Yuna: What!
Rikku: Whatever. I know who's got it going on.
Yuna: Excuse me?
Paine: [Rikku goes to Paine] Stay away!
Rikku: Whoa!
Paine: Wanna get hurt?
Rikku: You should come check out Paine.
Paine: Hurt time!

Paine: [before Paine goes first in action] Here comes the hurt.

Paine: The hardest person to know is one's self.

Yuna: [entering a battle] Bring it!
Rikku: She's certainly getting into this.
Paine: She's trying.

Yuna: [after Yuna has fallen off a bridge on Mt. Gagazet] That was a little close...
Paine: A little?

[on top of the Floating Ruins of Mt. Gagazet in the beginning of the game]
Yuna: Who's there?
Leblanc: Er, Leblanc! Remember that name well, loves!
Yuna: Ah, the thief.
Leblanc: Whatever do you mean? That's what I hate about amateurs...
Rikku: Maybe she'll go away if we ignore her.
Leblanc: You! I heard that! Just as I was saying : amateurs! They have no concept of what it takes to be a true sphere hunter.
Paine: Amateurs. Weren't you following us?
Leblanc: Following. A mere coincidence
[Ormi and Logos appear behind Leblanc]
Ormi: You was right, Boss, as always.
Logos: Indeed, following them has paid of splendidly!
[Yuna, Paine and Rikku start laughing]

[Before Fighting the Guardian Beast]
Rikku: Think we need a password?
Paine: How about Kick It's Ass?

Rikku: [last lines of Chapter 1] How do you like that?
Yuna: Not bad at all.
Dona: Just what do you think you're doing?
Yuna: Actually, we're sphere hunters.
Dona: So?
Yuna: Gullwings, let's go! Sorry, Dona, the sphere is ours.
Paine: [Yuna and Rikku leave the scene as the airship Celsius comes for a landing. Paine grabs the Awesome Sphere from a member of the Youth League] Tough luck.

[the party is taking a break in a hot spring on Mt. Gagazet]
Rikku: [to Yuna] You should check out Paine!
Paine: Hurt time!
Rikku: You want some?
Yuna: Ooh! Let me help!
[Instead of heading towards Paine, Yuna joins Paine in heading towards Rikku]
Paine: Where were we?
Rikku: I didn't mean it!
Paine, Yuna: Too late!
Brother: [transmitting from the Airship Celsius] Yuna, what's all the noise?
Yuna: Just taking a little dip.
Brother: [speaking in Al Bhed] Y meddma teb!
[translation: A little dip!]
Brother: Code... pink! I'll be there right now!
[There is a smashing noise and Brother is heard moaning in pain]
Yuna: Brother?
Buddy: Don't worry, I knocked him out.
Rikku: [giggles] Maybe we should get out. I'm getting all pruney!
Yuna: [as the screen fades to black] I really needed that.

Yuna: [in a flashback] Here comes the real Yuna!
[the flashback ends]
Rikku: I was just about to finish 'em off, but then you showed up and stole all the fun.
Yuna: I guess I was so glad to get out of that thing that I went a little nuts.
Paine: That explains the dancing.
Brother: [transmitting from the Airship Celsius] Yuna's dancing? Where? I am there!
Rikku: Listening close enough?
Yuna: [narrating] So this is my life now. We travel from place to place, and the days just seem to fly by. But sometimes I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle.