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Cloud Strife (Character)
from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)
[last lines]
Aeris Gainsborough: Everything's fine now.
Cloud Strife: Yeah. I'm not alone. Not anymore.

Sephiroth: Your geostigma is gone... That's too bad.
Cloud: Sephiroth, what do you want?
Sephiroth: The last thoughts of Geostigma's death... those remnants will join the lifestream and girdle the planet; choking it; corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the cosmos with this planet as my vessel. Just as Mother did long ago. then one day we'll find a new planet and on it's soil we'll create a shining future.
Cloud: What about this planet?
Sephiroth: Well... That's up to you, Cloud.

Tifa Lockhart: [referring to Aerith] Which is it? A memory or us?
Cloud: [to self] But... I let you die
Aerith Gainsborough: [in Cloud's mind, sighs] Dilly-dally, shilly-shally. Isn't it time you do the forgiving?

Kadaj: [to Cloud] Brother! I'm with her at last.
Cloud: So what's gonna happen now?
Kadaj: Mother's going to tell me.
Cloud: I guess a remnant wouldn't really know.
Kadaj: So what if Im a puppet...?
[powers up the materia in his arm]
Kadaj: Once upon a time...
[gets ready to attack]
Kadaj: were too!

Aerith Gainsborough: You came. Even though you're about to break. That's a good sign.
Aerith Gainsborough: So... Why did you come?
Cloud: I think... I wanna be forgiven. Hmmm. More than anything.
Aerith Gainsborough: [amused] By who?

[Cloud enters Reno's house. They immediately attack each other. Reno lunges, Cloud sidesteps and Reno flings himself out the door. Cloud slams it shut]
Reno: Okay. So, you're good.
Cloud: [Locks the door]

[Reno gets locked outside]
Reno: Okay. So you're good.
Rude: [comes through the door, pulling on his gloves]
Reno: [from outside] Yeah Rude. Lookin' sharp!
Rude: [flips open his nightstick]
Cloud: [aim's buster sword for Rude's neck]
Rufus Shinra: Good... You fight like the SOLDIER you once claimed to be... You haven't lost your touch...

Cloud: I was right. I'm no good to anyone. Vincent. What do you know about this?
Vincent Valentine: I come here often.

Cloud: Are sins... ever forgiven?
Vincent Valentine: ...I've never tried.
Cloud: You mean?..."Never tried"...
Cloud: Marlene, let's go.
[to Vincent]
Cloud: Well, I'm gonna try.
[walks away]
Cloud: I'll phone in the verdict.

[to Cloud]
Tifa Lockhart: You're gonna give up and die, is that it?
[Cloud does not answer]
Tifa Lockhart: So it is...
Cloud: There's no cure.
Tifa Lockhart: Yeah, but that's not stopping Denzel is it? Don't run. Lets fight it together. We can help each other, I know we can. I guess that only works for real families.

Cloud: [to Zack] I said I'd live both our lives... Easier to make that promise...

Cloud: Tifa, I'm not fit to help anyone. Not my family, not my friends, nobody.
Tifa Lockhart: [sighs] Dilly-dally, shilly-shally... Dilly-dally, shilly-shally!
Reno: I think she wants you to move on, man.

Cloud: Stay where you belong; in my memories!
Sephiroth: I will... never be a memory!

Sephiroth: Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away.
Cloud: You just don't get it. There isn't a thing I don't cherish!

Sephiroth: [amused] Oh! Where did you find *this* strength?
Cloud: I'm not about to tell you.
[slams Sephiroth out of the building]

[last lines]
Aerith Gainsborough: See? Everything's... alright.
[smiles and walks out of the church]
Cloud: [smiles] I know. I'm not alone... Not anymore.

[Reno gets locked outside]
Reno: Okay. So you're good.
Rude: [comes through the door, pulling on his gloves]
Reno: [from outside] Yeah Rude. Lookin' sharp!
Rude: [flips open his nightstick]
Cloud: [aim's buster sword for Rude's neck]
Rufus Shinra: Good... You fight like the SOLDIER you once claimed to be... You haven't lost your touch...
Reno: [from outside] I'm still out here.

Kadaj: I'm glad you could make it.
Cloud: I only came for the kids.
Kadaj: See this man? He's our big brother. But alas... in our happy flock... he's what you'd call a "Black Sheep."

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
Sephiroth: Did You give him my message?
Sora: Maybe.
Cloud: Sorry to keep you, Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: Cloud... You'll never let go of the darkness...
Cloud: Shut up.
[Both raise swords]
Sephiroth: You'll never let go of your past...
Cloud: Shut up!
[Cloud attacks Sephiroth]
Sora: Cloud! Get him!
Sephiroth: Absurd. Defeating me is meaningless. You know that more than anyone, Cloud. No matter how many times I fall, Your darkness keeps calling me back!
Tifa Lockhart: Wrong!
Cloud: Tifa! Stay Back!
Tifa Lockhart: How can I? I wanna help you.
Sephiroth: You can't. He'll never let go of the darkness.
Tifa Lockhart: He dosent have too. He just needs someone to surrond him with light. The darkness will be there , Sephiroth. But in a place you can't reach!
Sephiroth: Is that right? Lets see what this light of yours can do.
[Sephiroth tries to attack Tifa]
Cloud: No!
Sora: Look out!
Tifa Lockhart: [Cloud jumps in front of Tifa and protects her] Cloud, you can have my light.
Sephiroth: The light doesn't suit you.
Cloud: I just... I don't know.
[Cloud starts to glow with light]
Sephiroth: Stop!
[Sephiroth lunges at Cloud]

Sora: Oh, Cloud
Donald Duck: Wahatcha doing?
Cloud: I'll get him. This time we settle it. Me, and the one who embodies all darkness in me.
Donald Duck: I thought you looked kinda different Cloud.
Cloud: If I do, it's his fault.
Sora: Whose?
Cloud: Sephiroth, Tell me if you see him.
Sora: Okay, what's he look like?
Cloud: Silver hair. Carries a long sword
Sora: Sure, Well, be seeing you Cloud
Cloud: Be careful. He messes with your head. Makes you think darkness is the only way

Cloud: Sephiroth. Tell me if you see him.
Sora: Okay. What's he look like?
Cloud: Silver hair. Carries a long sword.

Aerith Gainsborough: Is something wrong?
Sora: Uhh...
Cloud: It's nothing.
Aerith Gainsborough: [Playfully pushy] Hmmm...?
Cloud: I don't want you involved.
Aerith Gainsborough: You mean you don't want me there when you go away again?
Cloud: I just - Listen, even if I go far away, I'll come back.
Aerith Gainsborough: Do you mean it?
Cloud: [Looks away] Yeah.
Aerith Gainsborough: See? You don't look so sure. Well, okay, I understand. Go - get things settled.
Cloud: Huh?
Aerith Gainsborough: No matter how far away you are... once you find your light... I'm sure it will lead you back here again. Right?
Cloud: I suppose.
Aerith Gainsborough: So I'll stay here - and I'll cheer for you - Okay, Cloud?
Cloud: Okay.

Squall Leonhart: [standing back-to-back with Cloud, surrounded by heartless] Think you can handle this many?
Cloud: Well... Might be tough if one more shows up.
Squall Leonhart: Hm. Then that'll have to be the one *I* take care of.
Cloud: What, you're fighting too?

Sephiroth: Did you give Cloud my message?
Sora: Maybe.
Cloud: Sorry to keep you, Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: Cloud... You'll never let go of the darkness...
Cloud: Shut up.
[Both raise swords]
Sephiroth: You'll never let go of your past...
Cloud: Shut up!
[Cloud attacks Sephiroth]

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2007) (VG)
Zack Fair: [hiking a mountain in the snow; turns to the 2 men behind him & shouts] Yo! Don't fall too far behind!
[turns back around; looks at the Infantryman beside him]
Zack Fair: At least someone's keeping up!
Infantryman: [still has his helmet on, can't see who it is] Well, I'm a country boy too.
Zack Fair: From where?
Infantryman: [doesn't answer right away; eventually-] Nibelheim.
[Zack bursts out laughing]
Infantryman: How about you?
Zack Fair: Me? Gongaga.
[Infantryman laughs, but it's barely audible; Zack sounds defensive]
Zack Fair: Hey, what's so funny about that? You know Gongaga?
Infantryman: No, but... it's such a backwater name.
Zack Fair: Ditto Nibelheim.
Infantryman: [slightly affronted] Like you've been there.
Zack Fair: I haven't, but there's a reactor there, right?
['man nods]
Zack Fair: A 'Mako' reactor outside Midgar usually means...
Zack Fair, Infantryman: [together] nothing else out there.
[both look at each other; start laughing at the same time; Zack looks towards Tseng]
Zack Fair: [calls out] Good news Tseng! Me and...
[Zack looks at 'man; he pulls off his helmet, & we now see it's-]
Cloud Strife: Cloud.
Zack Fair: Me and Cloud here are both backwater experts. Oh yeah!
[Zack & Cloud smile, & turn to keep hiking]

Zack Fair: [hears his voice] Embrace your dreams.
[brief pause]
Zack Fair: If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams.
Cloud Strife: Thank you... I won't forget.
[stands up; bows his head in sadness; once he recovers]
Cloud Strife: Good night
[turns to leave, stops; almost whispered]
Cloud Strife: Zack.

[last lines]
Cloud Strife: My name is Cloud. SOLDIER, first class.

Cloud Strife: [Zack lies at the edge of a cliff, dying; various pieces of 'enemies' armor & weapons scattered across the ground; Cloud, still weak from "Mako addiction", crawls toward Zack; when he finally reaches Zack's side] Z-Zack.
Zack Fair: [grunts in pain; face relaxes, he looks at Cloud; with a smile] For the... both of us.
Cloud Strife: [confused] Both... of us?
Zack Fair: That's right... you're gonna...
Cloud Strife: [as if to prompt him] You're gonna...
Zack Fair: [Zack reaches out, grabs Cloud behind the head; as he pulls Cloud's head down to rest on his chest] Live.
[holds his head in comradery/friendship]
Zack Fair: You'll be... my living legacy.
[hand drops to his side; Cloud sits up again, the side of his face now covered with Zack's blood; Cloud just looks at Zack silently; Zack looks over at Buster; drags it towards Cloud]
Zack Fair: My honor... my dreams...
[holds Buster out towards Cloud]
Zack Fair: they're yours now.
Cloud Strife: [reaches for the sword with one hand; eventually grabs with the other also; Zack briefly touches Cloud's hand before he pulls the sword towards himself; silent a few moments] I'm... your living... legacy.
[Zack closes his eyes, smiles and dies; Cloud, distraught, looks up at the sky, screams his grief]

Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG)
Cloud: I'm looking for someone. Hades promised to help. I tried to exploit the power of darkness, but it backfired. I fell into darkness, and I couldn't find the light.

Sora: Don't give up. I'm searching, too.
Cloud: ...For your light?
[Sora nods]
Cloud: [drops something into Sora's hand] Don't lose sight of it.

Cloud: [Cloud walks into the arena and Sees Sephiroth] Finally, we meet...
Sephiroth: I was searching for you as well.
Cloud: As long as you continue to exist, I cannot awake from my nightmare. You are my darkness.
Sephiroth: Then turn towards that Darkness. Eternally refuse the light to the nightmare of no awakening!
[Cloud and Sephiroth raise swords, then fight]

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (2006) (VG)
Vincent Valentine: [on the phone] Cid's airship?
Cloud Strife: We lost contact about 15 minutes ago. I don't think we have to worry, though.
[sword clanging in the background]
Cloud Strife: Those two should be fine.
[more sword clanging]
Vincent Valentine: Yeah. And what about you?
Cloud Strife: [half laughs] What do you think?
Tifa Lockhart: [brief pause] Right! You can count on us!
Barret Wallace: [once again loud enough for Vincent to have to hold the phone away from his ear] When I'm through, there won't be s single sucka standing!
Vincent Valentine: [smiles briefly] Right.
Cloud Strife: And as for you?...
Vincent Valentine: Don't worry. Leave Deepground to me.
Cloud Strife: [sounds like he's smiling] Can you hold on a second? Tifa.
Tifa Lockhart: Got it!
Tifa Lockhart: Vincent, I'm sending you a map of the Shinra Building.
[we see a map layout of the floor he's on]
Tifa Lockhart: Deepground is below the complex. Take an elevator as far down as you can. Good lu...
Barret Wallace: [shouting] Give 'em hell, Vincent!
Tifa Lockhart: Barret, I thought I told you to...
Cloud Strife: Don't go getting yourself killed, now.
[they hang up; so does Vincent, walks to the elevator]

[Vincent tries to call Shelke, but can't reach her; almost instantly after he hangs up his phone rings; a little puzzled, but he answers; sounds of 'battle' in the background]
Tifa Lockhart: Hey, I got through!
Vincent Valentine: Tifa?
Barret Wallace: What? You got though?
[speaking so loud Vincent has to hold the phone far from his ear]
Barret Wallace: Yo-ho-ho! Vincent! You still alive?
Tifa Lockhart: Oh course he is, we're talking to him, aren't we? And do you really have to shout right next to my ear?
Barret Wallace: [laughs, Vincent flinches away from the phone again] Sorry 'bout that, Tifa...
Tifa Lockhart: I apologize, Vincent. Here's Cloud.
[brief pause as she passes the phone to Cloud]
Cloud Strife: Vincent?
Vincent Valentine: [slight pause] Cloud. It's been a while.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (2008) (VG)
Cloud: Sephiroth! It ends here! Go back to sleep.
Sephiroth: Accept it. I am the one who guides you... forever! If it's despair you want, then I shall provide.
Cloud: What I want most, I'll find myself.
Sephiroth: You're nothing but a puppet.

[Chaos is defeated and the heroes are standing in a tranquil field, each holding their crystals]
Warrior of Light: The battle has come to an end...
Tidus: [looks at his crystal] Gotta go, huh?
[turns to the others]
Tidus: Don't worry, the crystal knows the rest of the way. Besides, I'm always right here.
[puts his hand on his heart before he runs off and vanishes into the distance]
Zidane: We're not vanishing... we're returning to where we're supposed to be.
[Zidane disappears]
Squall: Perhaps we can go on a mission together again.
[Squall vanishes]
Cloud: Not interested.
[Cloud vanishes]
Terra: I think I've learned how to keep going. Thank you and take care.
[Terra vanishes]
Bartz: When you're having the most fun, that's when time always flies.
[Bartz vanishes]
Cecil: It's mine to pass on, this strength I've gained from everyone.
[Cecil vanishes]
Onion Knight: Everyone, thank you.
[Onion Knight vanishes]
Firion: This isn't the end. Another dream is waiting to begin.
[Firion vanishes]
Warrior of Light: May the light forever shine on us.
[walks off toward Cornelia Castle in the distance]

Final Fantasy VII: The Sacrifice of Cloud (2012) (V)
Cloud Strife: 'One Kiss'