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Quotes for
Riku (Character)
from Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG)

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Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG)
Kairi: So, suppose you get to another world. What would you do there?
Riku: Well, I haven't really thought about it. It's just... I've always wondered why we're here on this island. If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds... then ours is just a little piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?
Sora: I don't know.
Riku: Exactly. That's why we need to go out there and find out. Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go.

Riku: Once we set through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. There's no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!

[on board Captain Hook's ship]
Captain Hook: What? So Wendy's not one of the chosen ones?
Riku: There are seven, supposedly, and Maleficent says she's not one of them. Hoist anchor as soon as possible. Leave all the dead weight behind, including her.
Captain Hook: After the trouble of capturing her? And why those seven? What is Maleficent planning, anyway?
Riku: Who knows? As long as it means getting Kairi's heart back, I couldn't care less.
Captain Hook: You're wasting your time! The Heartless have devoured that girl's heart. I'll stake me other hand it's lost forever.
Riku: I will find it no matter what.

Riku: [to Sora] Take care of her.

Riku: [his last lines, to Sora] Take care of her.

Riku: [proudly] A puppet that lost its heart to the heartless.

Riku: What? You'd rather fight me? Over a puppet that has no heart?
Sora: Heart or no heart, at least he still has a conscience.
Riku: Conscience?
Sora: You might not hear it, but right now it's loud and clear. And it's telling me you're on the wrong side!

Riku: Sora.
[tosses Sora a paopu fruit]
Riku: You wanted one, didn't you?
Sora: A paopu fruit...
Riku: If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. C'mon, I know you want to try it.
Sora: What are you talking...
[Riku laughs and Sora throws away the paopu fruit and they ran back to the toward thier boats]

Riku: [to Maleficent, who is keeled over and gasping for air, having just lost a fight with Sora] Do you need some help?
Sora: [he, Donald, Goofy, and Beast appear] Riku!
Donald Duck: [referring to the object in Riku's hand] Is that -?
Riku: Yes, a keyblade. But unlike yours, mine holds the power to unlock peoples' hearts. Allow me to demonstrate... behold!
[thrusts the keyblade into Maleficent's heart]
Riku: Now, open your heart! Surrender it to the darkness! Become darkness itself!
[withdraws the keyblade]
Maleficent: This is it... ha ha! This power. Darkness. The true darkness!
[turns into a black dragon]

Riku: So, I shall release you now, Princess. Complete the keyhole with your power! Open the door, lead me into everlasting darkness!
[raises his keyblade to strike Sora]
Kairi: Sora!
Sora: [hops up and blocks Riku's keyblade with his own] Forget it! There's no way you're taking Kairi's heart!

Riku: Giving up already? C'mon, Sora, I thought you were stronger than that.

[Sora's party and Riku try vainly to close the Door To Darkness. Then a silhouette appears]
Donald Duck, Goofy: [gasps] Your Majesty!
King Mickey Mouse: [holding up his own Keyblade] Now, Sora! Let's close this door for good!
Sora: But... What'll happen to you two?
King Mickey Mouse: Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light.
Goofy: Sora, you can trust King Mickey.
Riku: Now! They're coming!
King Mickey Mouse: Donald, Goofy, thank you.
[Sora's party shuts the door. Riku watches Sora as he is shut inside the realm of darkness]
Riku: Take care of her.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
Sora: [Falling to his knees] Riku! It's Riku. Riku's here... I looked for you!
Riku: C'mon, Sora. You've got to pull it together...
Sora: I looked everywhere for you!
Riku: ...I didn't want you to find me.

Xemnas: Denizens of light, answer this: why do you hate the darkness?
Mickey Mouse: Aw, we don't hate it. It's just kinda... scary. But the world's made of light AND darkness. You can't have one without the other, 'cause darkness is half of everything. Sorta makes ya wonder why we are scared of the dark...
Riku: It's because of who's lurking inside it.

Xemnas: You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turned away by both light and dark - never given a choice?
Riku: That's simple. It's because you mess up our worlds.
Xemnas: That may be... however, what other choice might we have had?
Sora: Just give it a rest! You're Nobodies! You don't even exist! You're not sad about anything!
Xemnas: [laughs] Very good. You don't miss a thing. I cannot feel... sorrow... No matter what misery befalls the worlds. No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you exist.

Xemnas: Heroes from the realm of light, I will not allow it to end this way - not yet. If light and darkness are eternal, surely we nothings are the same! Eternal!
Riku: You're right. Light and darkness are eternal. Nothing probably goes forever, too. But, guess what Xemnas?
Sora: That doesn't mean YOU'RE eternal!
Xemnas: [laughs] No more eternal than that radiance of yours...

Riku: [sadly] How am I going to face everyone?
Sora: Like this...
[Sora makes a funny face and Riku laughs]

Riku: If the world is made of light and darkness... We'll be the darkness.

Riku: What I said back there... about thinking I was better at stuff than you... To tell you the truth, Sora... I was jealous of you.
Sora: What for?
Riku: I wished I could live life the way you do. Just following my heart.
Sora: Yeah, well, I've got my share of problems, too.
Riku: Like what?
Sora: Like... wanting to be like you.
Riku: Well, there is one advantage to being me... Something you could never imitate.
Sora: Really? What's that?
Riku: Having you for a friend.
Sora: Then I guess... I'm okay the way I am. I've got something you could never imitate too.

Riku: At least the waves sound the same...

[last lines]
[as "Destiny Islands" plays]
Riku: Nothing's changed, huh?
Sora: Nope. Nothing will.
Riku: What s small world.
Sora: But part of one that's much bigger.
Riku: Yeah.
Sora: Hey, Riku... what do you it was - -the door to the light?
Riku: [indicates his heart] This.
Sora: This?
Riku: Yeah. It's always closer than you think.
Kairi: [running up with a message in a bottle] Sora! Riku!
Sora: Hey, what's up?
Kairi: Look.
Sora: From the King?
[Sora opens the bottle and reads the message. "Hand in Hand" plays as he and his friends anticipate another mission. The scene fades out]

Sora: I don't get it. Why's everybody been calling me Roxas?
Riku: Because, Sora. Roxas is your Nobody.
Sora: My... Nobody? But that's crazy, I never turned into a Heart... Oh, right.

Riku: Xemnas was the one who found Roxas. He could use the Keyblade because he was your Nobody. That's why Xemnas brought him into the Organization. But Roxas betrayed him. After that, I fought him because I thought it'd help you wake up. I lost, but the next time we met, I made sure I was the stronger one.

Riku: Nothing's changed, huh?
Sora: Nope, nothing will.
Riku: What a small world.
Sora: But part of one that's much bigger.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (2007) (VG)
[last lines]
[Riku's story - Reverse / Rebirth]
King Mickey Mouse: Your darkness belongs to you, just the same way your light does. Up till now, I thought darkness was something that should never exist. Then I spent time with you and changed my mind. The road you chose - I didn't know. Light and dark, back to back. With you, I think they might meet in a way nobody's seen before. Wonder where that road leads. I'd like to see myself.
Riku: Hm?
King Mickey Mouse: I'd like to walk the road with ya'.
Riku: Eh heh.
[They shake on it]
Riku: Your majesty, I'm really flattered. I don't know what to say.
King Mickey Mouse: Gosh, Riku. Ya' know, you don't have to call me that now. We're pals.
Riku: Fair enough, Mickey.
[the two exit Castle Oblivion and walk along a grassy path, finding two roads and Diz]
Riku: What are you making me choose now?
DiZ: Between the road to light and the road to darkness.
Riku: Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road.
DiZ: Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?
Riku: No. It's the road to dawn.

[Riku's story -Reverse/Rebirth]
Ansem: [as a disembodied voice] Here blanketed by the darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. But...
[a mysterious card appears in front of Riku]
Riku: What's this?
Ansem: It is a door to the truth. Take it and your sleep ends as you take your first step toward the truth. But know this: the truth will bring you pain. Will you still go? Their is no return to the security of sleep.
Riku: [Grabs the card] This seemed like a boring place to take a nap anyway.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (2009) (VG)
Xion: So, do you hate me for taking your friend away from you?
Riku: Nah, I guess... I'm just sad.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (2010) (VG)
[Last lines]
Riku: Sora?
Sora: Riku.
Riku: Your mind's made up?
Sora: [Holding Mickey's letter in his hands] Yeah.
Kairi: Sora?
Sora: Kairi, I...
[Kairi nods]
Sora: It's just, they really need me. I have to go. I am who I am... because of them.
[Kairi places her Lucky Charm in Sora's hand]
Kairi: See you soon.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012) (VG)
Riku: Who are you?
Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu: My name is Joshua.
Riku: What do you mean, "Portal"?
Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu: Are we just skipping past the part where you tell me your name?
Riku: Riku.
Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu: [laughs] Hello there, Riku.