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Aerith Gainsborough (Character)
from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)
Aeris Gainsborough: Why can't you forgive yourself?

[last lines]
Aeris Gainsborough: Everything's fine now.
Cloud Strife: Yeah. I'm not alone. Not anymore.

Tifa Lockhart: [referring to Aerith] Which is it? A memory or us?
Cloud: [to self] But... I let you die
Aerith Gainsborough: [in Cloud's mind, sighs] Dilly-dally, shilly-shally. Isn't it time you do the forgiving?

Aerith Gainsborough: You came. Even though you're about to break. That's a good sign.
Aerith Gainsborough: So... Why did you come?
Cloud: I think... I wanna be forgiven. Hmmm. More than anything.
Aerith Gainsborough: [amused] By who?

Aerith Gainsborough: I never blamed you. Not once. You came for me. That's all that matters.

[last lines]
Aerith Gainsborough: See? Everything's... alright.
[smiles and walks out of the church]
Cloud: [smiles] I know. I'm not alone... Not anymore.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
Aerith Gainsborough: Think of it as a sort of "Leon compliment".

Aerith Gainsborough: Is something wrong?
Sora: Uhh...
Cloud: It's nothing.
Aerith Gainsborough: [Playfully pushy] Hmmm...?
Cloud: I don't want you involved.
Aerith Gainsborough: You mean you don't want me there when you go away again?
Cloud: I just - Listen, even if I go far away, I'll come back.
Aerith Gainsborough: Do you mean it?
Cloud: [Looks away] Yeah.
Aerith Gainsborough: See? You don't look so sure. Well, okay, I understand. Go - get things settled.
Cloud: Huh?
Aerith Gainsborough: No matter how far away you are... once you find your light... I'm sure it will lead you back here again. Right?
Cloud: I suppose.
Aerith Gainsborough: So I'll stay here - and I'll cheer for you - Okay, Cloud?
Cloud: Okay.

Aerith Gainsborough: Bon appetite. Don't talk with your mouth full.

Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG)
Aerith: Okay, you know there are many other worlds out there besides your castle and this town, right?
Donald Duck: Yeah.
Goofy: But they're supposed to be a secret.
Aerith: They've been secret because they've never been connected. Until now. When the Heartless came, everything changed.

Goofy: Ansem?
Aerith: He was studying the Heartless. He recorded all his findings in a very detailed report.
Goofy: Gwarsh, uh, can we see it?
Aerith: Its pages are scattered everywhere.
Donald Duck: Scattered?
Aerith: To many worlds.