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Quotes for
Captain Lou Escobar (Character)
from Chinatown (1974)

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Chinatown (1974)
Lt. Escobar: [pointing to a graffito on the wall] Isn't that your phone number?
Jake Gittes: Is it? I forget. I don't call myself that often.

Lt. Escobar: How'd you get past the guard?
Jake Gittes: Well, to tell you the truth, I lied a little.

Jake Gittes: What the hell is going on here, Lou?
Lt. Escobar: I don't know. What's going on? What's happening with you?

[Evelyn Mulwray has just been killed]
Lt. Escobar: Go home, Jake. I'm doing you a favor!

Lt. Escobar: You must really think I'm stupid, don't you Gittes.
Jake Gittes: I don't think about it that much but, gimme a day or two and I'll get back to yuh. Now I'd like to go home.
Lt. Escobar: I want the other pictures, Gittes.
Jake Gittes: What pictures?
Lt. Escobar: THIS broad hired you, not Evelyn Mulwray.
Jake Gittes: Yah?
Lt. Escobar: Yah. Somebody wanted to shake Mulwray down; she hired you. That's how come you found out he was murdered.
Jake Gittes: I heard it was an accident.
Lt. Escobar: C'mon Gittes. The hell d'you think you're dealing with? A bunch of assholes? Mulwray had salt water in his lungs. You were following him day and night; you SAW who killed him. You even took pictures of it. It was Evelyn Mulwray, and she's been payin' you off like a slot machine ever since.
Jake Gittes: You accusin' me of extortion?
Lt. Escobar: Absolutely!
Jake Gittes: I don't think I need a day or two; you're dumber than you think I think y'are.

The Two Jakes (1990)
Captain Lou Escobar: How do you know he didn't have the gun with him?
Jake Gittes: Oh, I'd never frisk him before I let him walk in on his wife hanging on the headboard while some guy was slammin' her into the wall, Lou!