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Det. Lt. Loach (Character)
from The Two Jakes (1990)

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The Two Jakes (1990)
Jake Gittes: I wouldn't extort a nickel from my worst enemy. That's where I draw the line.
Loach Jr.: Well, I'll tell you, Jake. I knew a whore once. For the right amount of money, she'd piss in a guy's face. But she wouldn't shit on his chest. You see, that's where she drew the line.
Jake Gittes: Well, Junior, all I can say is: I hope she wasn't too much of a disappointment to you.

Loach Jr.: Come on, Gittes. There you were, consorting with a known hoodlum under grand jury investigation... and known to be friendly with your client, Jake Berman.
Jake Gittes: So, what?
Loach Jr.: So, either you were doing business with Mickey, or, uh...
Jake Gittes: Or what?
Plainclothes Policeman: We got a vice officer who swears you approached him and fondled his privates in the men's room.
[Loach breaks out laughing]
Jake Gittes: [to Policeman] How was it for you?