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Quotes for
Amanda Hopper (Character)
from Ghost Dad (1990)

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Ghost Dad (1990)
Danny Hopper: Where were you?
Elliot Hopper: I was in London with a man named..."Edith!"
[the kids start laughing]
Amanda Hopper: That's a girl's name, Daddy.

Amanda Hopper: Daddy. Joan said you can go bleep bleep yourself. She said you guys need to talk and she'll fill in the bleeps later.
Elliot Hopper: Okay, honey. Thank you.
[Somebody knocks on the front door]
Elliot Hopper: That must be Joan coming over to fill in the bleeps.

Diane Hopper: [pops TV dinner in microwave] All I get is grease around here. I clean up. I do the laundry.
Amanda Hopper: I take out the garbage.
Diane Hopper: I cook the meals and what do I get for it? Nothing but complaints.
Elliot Hopper: [yells] I don't complain about your cooking!
Diane Hopper: Yes you do. All the time. Loud and clear. What about... what about Wednesday, huh? What about... what about last Friday? What about last Saturday night, huh? Quote, "Oh, Diane, how can you screw up Spaghetti-Os?"