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Quotes for
Carol (Character)
from Ghost Dad (1990)

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Ghost Dad (1990)
Elliot Hopper: Cancel the 5.
Carol: Oh, no! You can't cancel the 5.
Elliot Hopper: Then put the 5 at 4, and then cancel at 4.

[only shown on TV Version]
Elliot Hopper: [suddenly being pulled up] No!
[grabs onto desk to stop being pulled up]
Carol: Don't cancel at 4!
Elliot Hopper: No! I mean, you can do what you like.
Carol: [gives confused look]
Elliot Hopper: [getting pulled up again] Not now!
Carol: Elliot, are you all right? Please hear me out.
[turns away and rattles on]
Carol: When you work with someone for a long time, you get to...
Elliot Hopper: [literally going hand over hand to hold onto desk] Mmm-Hmm. Mmm-Hmm.