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Quotes for
Stuart (Character)
from Ghost Dad (1990)

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Ghost Dad (1990)
Elliot Hopper: [answering phone] Hello?
Stuart: Hi, Mr. Hopper?
Elliot Hopper: Yes, I'll go get Danny for you.
Stuart: No, it is you that I want to talk to.
Stuart: You see, I know you're an alien.
Elliot Hopper: [leans closer to phone] Say what?
Stuart: I want $50,000 in small-unmarked bills right now, or I go to the newspapers.

Elliot Hopper: Now you listen to me you little bag of pig puke! You mention one word to anybody about this, and so help me, I'll do things to you that you can't even imagine! You try to threaten me? I don't get frightened. I GIVE frighten, you little twerp! What do you think about this?
[raises a flashlight to face, which disappears]
Stuart: [screams in fright]
Elliot Hopper: Ha!
Stuart: [faints]
Elliot Hopper: Good night.