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Mr. Emery Collins (Character)
from Ghost Dad (1990)

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Ghost Dad (1990)
Elliot Hopper: You know, one of the good things about being a ghost is that lights on, lights off, I'm still here.
Diane Hopper: [groans] Dead people can be such jerks. I hope... I HOPE this is Tony.
Elliot Hopper: I don't think so, because he's probably still sitting in the middle of the street wondering what happened to him!
Diane Hopper: [sighs]
Mr. Emery Collins: Hopper, where the hell have you been?

[on the phone with his boss, Mr. Collins]
Elliot Hopper: Hello, Mr. Collins?
Mr. Emery Collins: [furious] Why weren't you at the bank meeting, Hopper? This merger is falling apart! Where have you been all afternoon? We had negotiating committees from both firms waiting for you. And you never had the courtesy to call us and tell us you were standing us up!
Elliot Hopper: Mr. Collins, I can assure you...
Mr. Emery Collins: If you blow this deal, Hopper, do you know what I personally will do to you?
[hangs up]

Mr. Emery Collins: To call your recent behavior incompetent would be like calling World War II a spat! I could tear you apart with my bare hands!
Mr. Seymour: He's a little upset.
Mr. Emery Collins: I cannot believe you would walk out of negotiations just when we are closing them!
Mr. Seymour: I'm sure you had an excellent reason.
Mr. Emery Collins: If I hadn't stepped in, the deal would've fallen through and I'd have had to kill you!
Mr. Seymour: But we closed the deal so he doesn't actually have to kill you now.
Mr. Emery Collins: So instead I'm going to ruin you.
Mr. Seymour: This is the part I was telling you about.
Mr. Emery Collins: You're fired!
Elliot Hopper: Mr. Collins...
Mr. Emery Collins: YOU'RE FIRED!
Mr. Seymour: You walked out on a meeting.
Elliot Hopper: No, I can explain.
Mr. Emery Collins: YOU'RE FIRED!
Elliot Hopper: This is not for me, this is for my children. Their whole future depends on this, Mr. Collins. Can't lose my job now. I've served your company 14 years. I've served you well and loyally and that's got to count for something.
[Collins and Seymour look at each other]
Mr. Emery Collins: [smugly] You're fired.
Elliot Hopper: Mr. Collins. MR. COLLINS!
Mr. Seymour: Don't come to the banquet.