Melanie Hamilton
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Melanie Hamilton (Character)
from Gone with the Wind (1939)

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Gone with the Wind (1939)
Melanie Hamilton: So, you've got my husband intoxicated again, Captain Butler. Well, bring him in!
Tom - Yankee Captain: I'm sorry, Mrs. Wilkes. Your husband's under arrest.
Melanie Hamilton: If you arrest all the men who get intoxicated in Atlanta, you must have a good many Yankees in jail, Captain. Bring him in, Captain Butler, if you can walk yourself.

Melanie Hamilton: Whatever happens, I'll love you just as I do now until I die.

Melanie Hamilton: [at the door of an enclosed carriage] Who is it?
Belle Watling: It's Miss Watling
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, Miss Watling, won't you come in the house?
Belle Watling: Oh, no, I couldn't do that Mrs Wilkes; you come in and set a minute with me
[Melanie gets in & sits beside Belle]
Melanie Hamilton: How can I thank you enough for what you did for us? How can any of us thank you enough?
Belle Watling: I got your note saying you were going to call on me and thank me. Oh Mrs Wilkes, you must have lost your mind. I come up here as soon as it was dark to tell you you mustn't even think of such things. Why I'm... Why you're... Well it wouldn't be fittin' at all
Melanie Hamilton: Wouldn't be fitting for me to call on a kind woman who saved my husband's life?
Belle Watling: Mrs Wilkes, there ain't never been a woman in town that's been nice to me the way you was; I mean about the money for the hospital, you know, and I don't forget a kindness. I got to thinkin' about you bein' left a widow, with a little boy - he's a nice little boy, your boy, Mrs Wilkes. I got a boy myself...
Melanie Hamilton: Oh you have? Does he live
Belle Watling: Oh, no, he ain't in Atlanta; he ain't never been here. He's off at school. I ain't seen him since he was little, and I... Well, anyways, if it had been that Mrs Kennedy's husband by himself, I wouldn't lift a finger to help. She's a mighty cold woman, prancin' about Atlanta by herself. She killed her husband, same as if she shot him
Melanie Hamilton: You mustn't say unkind things about my sister-in-law
Belle Watling: Oh. Please don't haze me Mrs Wilkes; I forgot how you liked her. But she just ain't in the same class with you, and I can't help it if I think so. Well, anyways, I gotta be goin'. I'm scared somebody'll recognize this carriage if I stay here any longer; that wouldn't do you no good. And Mrs Wilkes, if you ever see me on the street, you don't have to speak to me; I'll understand
Melanie Hamilton: I shall be proud to speak to you, proud to be under obligation to you. I hope we meet again
Belle Watling: Oh, no, that wouldn't be fittin'. Goodnight Mrs Wilkes
Melanie Hamilton: Goodnight Miss Watling.
[Melanie gets out of the carriage]
Melanie Hamilton: And you're wrong about Mrs Kennedy; she's broken hearted about her husband

Mammy: Lordy, Miss Melly. I sure is glad you's come.
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, Mammy, this house won't seem the same without Bonnie. How's Miss Scarlett bearing up?
Mammy: Miss Melly, this here's done broke her heart. But I didn't fetch you on Miss Scarlett's account. What that child got to stand, the good Lord give her strength to stand. It's Mr. Rhett I's worried about. He done lost his mind these last couple of days.
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, no, Mammy, no.
Mammy: I ain't never seen no man, black or white, set such store on any child. When Dr. Meade say her neck broke Mr. Rhett grabbed his gun and run out and shoot that poor pony. And for a minute, I think he gonna shoot hisself.
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, poor Captain Butler
Mammy: Miss Scarlett called him a murderer for teaching that child to jump. She said, "You give me my baby what you killed." And then he say Miss Scarlett ain't never cared nothing about Miss Bonnie. It like to turn my blood cold, the things they say to one another.
Melanie Hamilton: Stop, Mammy, don't tell me any more.
Mammy: And then that night Mr. Rhett, he locked hisself in the nursery with Miss Bonnie. He wouldn't even open the door when Miss Scarlett beat on it and hollered to him and that's where he's been for two whole days.
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, Mammy!
Mammy: And then this evening, Miss Scarlett shouted through the door and said: "The funeral's set for tomorrow morning." and he says, "You try that and I kills you tomorrow. Do you think I's gonna put my child in the dark when she's so scared of it?"
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, Mammy, Mammy! He *has* lost his mind!
Mammy: Yes'm, that's the God's truth. He ain't gonna let us bury that child. You gotta help us Miss Melly.
Melanie Hamilton: Oh, but I can't intrude.
Mammy: If you can't help us, who can? Mr. Rhett always set great store by your opinion. Please, Miss Melly.
Melanie Hamilton: I'll do what I can, Mammy.