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Biography for
Scarlett (Character)
from Gone with the Wind (1939)

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Katey Scarlett O'Hara was the daughter of Gerald O'Hara and lived on her father's plantation outside of Atlanta, Georgia during the time of the Civil War. She was not beautiful but men seldom realized it when caught by her charms. And she used her charms shamelessly to get what she wanted including lying, cheating, and even marrying her sister's beau. Nothing she did was beyond shame if it got her what she needed. And she needed money as God was her witness, she would never be hungry again if she had to lie, cheat or steal or sell poor lumber for the better quality stuff. She also thought she was the cutest little trick in shoe leather and thought men died for the want of her love. Because she had an exaggerated sense of worth and wasn't a very nice person, nobody cared much for her except the sister of the first man she married out of spite. Her third husband, Rhett Butler, loved her though, but she was so certain that she cared for Ashley Wilkes, she didn't see what was before her in letters six feet high. If she was perfectly honest, Rhett was easy to be with as he approved of what she did and it was a relief to not bother to be the empty-headed southern belle that antebellum society demanded since Rhett didn't appreciate it anyway.. After talking with him, she always felt a thousand times better and even began to look forward to seeing him until he did something she thought was dishonorable even if it was related to something she'd done dishonestly. To be perfectly honest, Rhett and Scarlett belonged together. Ashley was too much of a Milquetoast for Scarlett to be happy were she to finally win him. However, she did not see that. Rhett loved her because he was as onerous as she was and he figured like attracts like.

After Ashley showed his true colors to her, Scarlett finally figured out who she really loved, and that was Rhett. However, because of Scarlett's inability to see what was right before her, Rhett's love for her had finally worn out by the time she "saw the light" and as everyone knows, a love that is lost can never be found again.

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