Major Charles Kawalsky
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Major Charles Kawalsky (Character)
from Stargate (1994)

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Stargate (1994)
Lieutenant Kawalsky: [Jackson sneezes hard] Cold?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Allergies: always happens when I travel.

Dr. Daniel Jackson: [Kasuf gestures towards his village] He's inviting us to go with him.
Lieutenant Kawalsky: How can you be so sure?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Because he's
[repeats gesture]
Dr. Daniel Jackson: inviting us to go with him.

Lieutenant Kawalsky: [in Nagada, the troops begin holding hostages and opening fire; O'Neil looks outside the city walls] Colonel! What do you see?
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: Sandstorm comin' this way.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: [sarcastically] Well, that would have been an excellent reason to shoot everyone.

"Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods (#1.1)" (1997)
[Preparing to send a message to Daniel on Abydos]
Jack O'Neill: General, we don't need that probe.
Kawalsky: We don't?
Jack O'Neill: Nope. This'll do.
[O'Neill grabs a box of Kleenex]

[O'Neill smells a drink that Skaara has brought for the team to drink at dinner]
Jack O'Neill: Moonshine?
Skaara: Moon... shine.
Jack O'Neill: Yeah. Moonshine. As in booze. Daniel, what are you teaching these kids?
Skaara: Try it.
Jack O'Neill: Alright. Skaara's Moonshine. I'll give it a little shot.
[O'Neill sips it and spits it out in an explosive burst]
Jack O'Neill: Whoa!
[the team and villagers are laugh]
Jack O'Neill: [hoarsely] Smooth. Very smooth.
Skaara: Moonshine!
Kawalsky: Our little soldiers are all grown up, Colonel.
Jack O'Neill: Yeah. I'm so proud.

"Stargate SG-1: The Enemy Within (#1.2)" (1997)
Jack O'Neill: Listen, um, I gotta ask you something. It's not easy for me.
Major Charles Kawalsky: We're friends.
Jack O'Neill: If you don't make it... can I have your stereo?

"Stargate SG-1: Moebius: Part 2 (#8.20)" (2005)
Dr. Rodney McKay: [to Hammond] I give this no more than a 50/50 chance of working.
Lieutenant General George Hammond: According to the tape, it worked for eight years.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Hm.
Daniel Jackson: [wormhole is established] Wow.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I'm certainly glad it's not me going through that... um... thing.
Jack O'Neill: Any idea what to expect?
Sam Carter: Not really. According to the tape, we're going to be de-molecularized, transmitted over two thousand light-years through subspace, and then, uh, remolecularized on the other side.
Major Charles Kawalsky: I did not need to know that.
Jack O'Neill: OK.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Gateship 1, you're go for launch.
Jack O'Neill: Gate ship?
Daniel Jackson: [with hand gesture] Well, it's a ship that goes through the gate.
Jack O'Neill: [somewhat reluctantly] Alright.
Dr. Rodney McKay: [to Hammond] What? It's a ship that goes through the gate. Gateship.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I thought it was clever.