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Skaara (Character)
from Stargate (1994)

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Stargate (1994)
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: I'm on Planet 'X' lookin' for a dweeb who wears green fatigues. He wears glasses.
[puts his hands around his eyes]
Skaara: [puts his hands around his eyes, copying O'Neil]
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: He has long hair.
[puts his hand to his head and brings it down]
Skaara: [salutes]
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: And he
[pretends to sneeze]
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: sneezes.
Skaara: Ich!
[clucks like a chicken]
Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil: Chicken. Chicken! Yes, Chicken Man!

Skaara: [Nagada has been bombed] Sha'uri, what happened here?
Sha'uri: Ra punished us.

"Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods (#1.1)" (1997)
[O'Neill smells a drink that Skaara has brought for the team to drink at dinner]
Jack O'Neill: Moonshine?
Skaara: Moon... shine.
Jack O'Neill: Yeah. Moonshine. As in booze. Daniel, what are you teaching these kids?
Skaara: Try it.
Jack O'Neill: Alright. Skaara's Moonshine. I'll give it a little shot.
[O'Neill sips it and spits it out in an explosive burst]
Jack O'Neill: Whoa!
[the team and villagers are laugh]
Jack O'Neill: [hoarsely] Smooth. Very smooth.
Skaara: Moonshine!
Kawalsky: Our little soldiers are all grown up, Colonel.
Jack O'Neill: Yeah. I'm so proud.

"Stargate SG-1: Within the Serpent's Grasp (#1.21)" (1998)
Skaara: Nothing of the host survives.
Jack O'Neill: That's bullshit!

"Stargate SG-1: Full Circle (#6.22)" (2003)
Colonel Jack O'Neill: So... you seeing anybody?
Skaara: [laughs] Maybe.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Really? It serious?
Skaara: [chuckles] We are betrothed.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Trust me, that's serious. Congratulations.
Skaara: Thank you.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: I assume my invitation got lost in the mail, or...
Skaara: I wanted to ask you to shal'oki.
[sees that Jack is completely oblivious]
Skaara: To stand beside me.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: [looks uncomfortable] Just... during the ceremony, right?
Skaara: Yes, yes.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: I'd be honored.
Skaara: Will you be coming to my wedding alone?
[Major Carter approaches]
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Uhmmm... I assume Carter's invited, too?
Skaara: Of course!
[looks at both O'Neill and Carter]
Skaara: Will you be coming together?
Colonel Jack O'Neill: As in...?
Major Samantha Carter: Friends, going to a wedding.
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Ah! Yes. Sure!
Colonel Jack O'Neill: Jonas.
[walks off, as Skaara and Carter grin]