Teyla Emmagan
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Teyla Emmagan (Character)
from "Stargate: Atlantis" (2004)

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"Stargate: Atlantis: Sateda (#3.4)" (2006)
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: You, Elizabeth, Ronon, Carson and even Rodney are the closest thing I have to...
Teyla Emmagan: A Family.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I'd do anything for you guys.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Something wrong?
Ronon Dex: I have a bad feeling.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I always feel like that. Like something horrible is about to happen.
Teyla Emmagan: How do you live?
Dr. Rodney McKay: I get used to it. Thing is, when someone else also has that feeling, mine gets worse.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Look, Teyla... I'm not really good at, uh... actually, I'm... I'm terrible at expressing... I don't know what you'd call it, uh...
Teyla Emmagan: Feelings?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Yeah, sure, okay. The point is, I don't really have good, uh...
Teyla Emmagan: Social skills?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, that is why I enjoyed flying choppers in the most remote part of my world before all this craziness happened, but, uh, you should know, I don't have, uh...
Teyla Emmagan: Friends?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: No. I have friends.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: You, Elizabeth, Ronon, Carson, even Rodney, are the closest thing I have to a...
Teyla Emmagan: A family?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I'd do anything... for any one of you. If I had to give up my life the way Ronon was going to, I would.
[gets up from the table and starts to leave]
Teyla Emmagan: Thank you. For everything you... meant to say.

Dr. Carson Beckett: There's more than one gun, we can both bloody go.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Yeah, well someone has to stay with the jumper...
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: [over the radio] That's it. We got 'em all. McKay?
Dr. Rodney McKay: [checks the HUD] Yeah, it's just you guys left. Well, that was quick.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, I got six. Teyla got...
Teyla Emmagan: Eight.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I got nine, Teyla got eight, Ronon got the rest.

Ronon Dex: Which one of you killed the Wraith?
Dr. Carson Beckett: [smiles proudly] That would be me.
Dr. Rodney McKay: My idea.
Teyla Emmagan: Ronon...
Dr. Carson Beckett: What?
Dr. Carson Beckett: Don't tell me you're not happy that he's dead.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I had him in my sights, but Ronon said he'd kill me if I shot him.
Dr. Rodney McKay: It was all Beckett's idea.
Ronon Dex: [hugs Carson] Thanks, doc.
Dr. Rodney McKay: What, him you thank?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I could've killed him at any time, but Teyla wouldn't let me.
Ronon Dex: Thank you. All of you.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, don't mention it.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: It's nothing, really. I only killed eleven, twelve Wraith.

Teyla Emmagan: As we had suspected, the deal did not go as planned.

Dr. Rodney McKay: What the hell is going on down there?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Ronon thinks he can get the head Wraith responsible for all this to come down and fight him if we kill all these Wraith first.
Dr. Rodney McKay: That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I don't know. Killing a bunch of Wraith always seems like a good idea to me.
Dr. Rodney McKay: They outnumber you 25 to 3.
Dr. Carson Beckett: It's actually 22 to 3... 21...
Teyla Emmagan: And Ronon appears to be quite angry.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, that evens it out.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Phantoms (#3.9)" (2006)
Teyla Emmagan: [Ronon draws his gun] What is it?
Ronon Dex: I saw something.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, what? Person? Animal? How many syllables?

Ronon Dex: A Wraith bunker, but no Wraith.
Teyla Emmagan: It appears to have been abandoned for some time.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: The Genii probably stumbled on to it just like we did.
Dr. Carson Beckett: And then promptly killed each other. Why?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Another Hardy Boys mystery.

Teyla Emmagan: I am trying to impress upon Dr. McKay that determining how to turn the thing off is more pressing than learning what it actually does.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: You don't even know what it does?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I can now state for certain that it is, in fact, a generator.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: We already knew that.

Teyla Emmagan: Is that what made all these people kill each other?
Dr. Rodney McKay: I hope so.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: You hope so?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Otherwise, there are two bizarre things going on, and one is more than enough for me, thank you very much.

Dr. Rodney McKay: Genii. They must have discovered the place, started messing around with the machine without having the first clue as to what they were doing. Which explains why the place is covered in this.
[indicates organic material]
Teyla Emmagan: And before the realized what they'd done ...
Dr. Rodney McKay: They couldn't figure out how to turn it off, so they shot the thing, hoping they could somehow kill it, which only made it regrow more, make it that much more difficult for someone with the ability to actually turn it off *to* actually turn it off.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: So you can't actually turn it off?
Dr. Rodney McKay: I never said that.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, what *did* you say?

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Don't worry. I'm fine. No violent urges yet. What about you? Getting any ideas about killing me?
Teyla Emmagan: No.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: That's good to hear.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Did you hear that?
Teyla Emmagan: What?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Engines. Like a Jeep. not that you would know what a Jeep sounds like.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Doppelganger (#4.4)" (2007)
Dr. Jennifer Keller: Have you had any nightmares lately?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Not a night goes by. Last night I dreamt that Colonel Carter invited me to her quarters for dinner.
Teyla Emmagan: Maybe you shouldn't be telling us this, Rodney.
Dr. Jennifer Keller: Yeah, I said nightmare, not delusional male fantasy.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Wait and listen. Turns out she was serving lemon chicken. I mean, lemon, and the only reason she invited me to dinner was to tell me she was promoting Zelenka over me.
Ronon Dex: That's it?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Then I was eaten by a whale. Don't ask how that happened.

Ronon Dex: [Ronon is hacking through a jungle] What are we doing?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Exploring the Pegasus galaxy. It's what we do.
Ronon Dex: You know what I mean.
Teyla Emmagan: There certainly doesn't appear to be anything here that would help in our fight against the Wraith or the Replicators.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Come on, you guys kill me. Planets are huge, you know!
Ronon Dex: Yeah, and usually you're the one complaining.
Teyla Emmagan: Yes, this enthusiasm is most unlike you, Rodney.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I'm turning over a new leaf.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: We did the standard flyover in the Jumper, scanning for life signs. Nothing.
Dr. Rodney McKay: You can't fly around for ten minutes and decide there's nothing here.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Yes I can!

Dr. Jennifer Keller: [Keller is describing her nightmare] It was terrifying. There you were with this disgusting alien bug crawling out of your stomach, and Colonel Sheppard was acting like it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen.
Ronon Dex: That sounds like that movie.
Dr. Jennifer Keller: Yeah, Alien. Have you seen it?
Teyla Emmagan: Colonel Sheppard speaks of it often.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I still remember the first time I saw it. Certainly did not think it was cool.
Dr. Jennifer Keller: One time in med school, I made the mistake of confiding to my partner in biology class that it had caused my all-time worst nightmares. He actually planted a live snake inside a cadaver I was working on.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I never saw it as a kid. I knew from the poster it was gonna be too scary. I was 16 when a neighbourhood theatre had a horror revival festival. I thought, great... date, movie. So... Jocelyn Rutger, third period science. Bit of a geek, but she had a great, um... Anyway, you know how girls get all, uh, scared, curl up on your shoulder?
Teyla Emmagan: Your planet has some truly strange rituals.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Anyway, I eat when I get nervous.
Ronon Dex: [being sarcastic] Really? I hadn't noticed.
Dr. Rodney McKay: So, very tense, working like a charm. Jocelyn's all freaked out beside me. I'm packing away the Goobers and the popcorn. And then the alien bursts out of John Hurt.
Teyla Emmagan: You didn't?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Puked all over her.
Ronon Dex: [smiling] I have *got* to see this movie!

Dr. Jennifer Keller: Have you had any nightmares recently?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Not a night goes by! Last night I dreamed that Colonel Carter invited me to her quarters for dinner...
Teyla Emmagan: Maybe you shouldn't be telling us this, Rodney.
Dr. Jennifer Keller: Yeah, I said "nightmare" not "delusional male fantasy".

"Stargate: Atlantis: Common Ground (#3.7)" (2006)
Teyla Emmagan: We must go faster, Rodney.
Dr. Rodney McKay: This is pretty much my top gear!

Dr. Rodney McKay: All right, people, let's do this one by the numbers. We get in, we get our man, we get out. Stay sharp and stay alive.
Dr. Carson Beckett: What are you on about?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, just things Sheppard would say, so I thought I would...
Teyla Emmagan: Well said, Rodney.
Ronon Dex: Just stay behind me.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Right.

Dr. Rodney McKay: [Rodney fires his gun and everyone comes running] Oh...
Dr. Carson Beckett: Rodney!
Dr. Rodney McKay: I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I just - you know, I reacted.
Teyla Emmagan: What is it?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Um... a mouse. A really big one, though. More of a rat, really. Possibly rabid.
Dr. Carson Beckett: This isn't the place, is it?
Teyla Emmagan: I do not believe so.
Ronon Dex: No. Sheppard wasn't here.
Dr. Rodney McKay: And we've just wasted two and a half hours.
Ronon Dex: Let's move out!
Dr. Rodney McKay: And a mouse.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Misbegotten (#3.2)" (2006)
Dr. Elizabeth Weir: We've all logged more than a few miles these past few weeks. I'd just like to say that... seeing you now, sitting across from me... looking at your faces... It makes me feel very...
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: You don't have to say it.
Teyla Emmagan: We feel the same way you do.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, she feels hungry, too?
[smiles at Elizabeth]

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: How did they contact the ship so far out?
Dr. Rodney McKay: I have no idea. Teyla, what do you think?
Teyla Emmagan: It is possible that a group of them acting together could communicate over much larger distances.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, live and learn.
Dr. Rodney McKay: And live some more, hopefully.

Teyla Emmagan: What about the ones that are still human?
Ronon Dex: There's nothing we can do for them.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I suppose we could not incinerate them.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Progeny (#3.5)" (2006)
Teyla Emmagan: Might it not be possible that these people merely discoved this city, as you discovered Atlantis?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Wouldn't be surprised. They didn't seem very Ancienty to me.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Ancienty?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Yes, that's the word I was looking for.

Teyla Emmagan: And you've had no trouble with the wraith?
Niam: No.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Any particular reason?
Niam: The wraith do not concern us.
Dr. Rodney McKay: [to John] Ah, see? He didn't answer my question.
[to Niam]
Dr. Rodney McKay: I'm sorry, you didn't actually answer my question.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir: I just had a horrible thought.
Teyla Emmagan: What if it is still happening?
Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Yes.
Dr. Rodney McKay: There's got to be a way to know for sure.
[Pushes John's head and John smacks his leg]
Dr. Rodney McKay: Doesn't really prove anything.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Quarantine (#4.13)" (2008)
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: We could be here a while.
[looks at a pregnant Teyla]
Teyla Emmagan: What?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: It's just every time one of these things happen in the movies the pregnant woman goes into labor.
Teyla Emmagan: I'm still long way from my due day.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: That's the same thing in the movies and then wham!

Teyla Emmagan: Can anyone do it?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: They'd have to know Rodney's password. Fortunately I do.
Teyla Emmagan: He told you his password?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: He didn't think I'd remember it. 16431879196842. See, didn't take a genius.
Teyla Emmagan: I-it doesnt...
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: 1643 is the year Isaac Newton was born, 1879 Einstein and 1968...
Teyla Emmagan: ...the year Rodney was born.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Never underestimate the size of that man's ego.
Teyla Emmagan: Wait, weren't there other numbers?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: 42
Teyla Emmagan: What is that?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: It's the ultimate answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything.

Teyla Emmagan: Climb the tower? Is that even possible?
Maj. John Sheppard: Sure, Batman did it all the time. Piece of cake.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Shrine (#5.6)" (2008)
Richard Woolsey: Colonel Sheppard, when you reach the research camp, please remind Dr. Nichols that he is now one hour and fifteen minutes overdue for his scheduled check-in.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Alright. Want me to smack him around or anything?
Richard Woolsey: Just the reminder please.
Teyla Emmagan: Shouldn't we be concerned for Dr. Nichols' team?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: No. The settlement's a half hour away from the gate and Woolsey's got him checking in every six. I'm sure Nichols is just tired of taking the round trip.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Still, wouldn't hurt to bust his chops a bit. That Nichols is so arrogant.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: [the team emerged from a Stargate that was unexpectedly underwater and is stuck on top] . Alright, everybody. We'll be warm soon enough.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I think I got wetter than you did.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I don't know. I think I got a little damp dialing the DHD.
Teyla Emmagan: The research camp is further up this valley. I'm a little concerned for Dr. Nichols' team.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: [into radio] Anyone at the research camp, this is Colonel Sheppard, please respond. I repeat, this is Colonel Sheppard, please respond.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I'm pretty sure they're all dead.
Teyla Emmagan: We can't know that Rodney!

Teyla Emmagan: [Rodney sneezes. Teyla feels his forehead] Were you running a fever before we left?
Dr. Rodney McKay: I dunno, I'm always running something.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Tower (#2.15)" (2005)
Dr. Rodney McKay: If we're hoping these people have something to trade, we are wasting our time. From the looks of it, they barely have enough food to feed themselves; and their technology...
[showing a scythe]
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, let's just say that this about sums it up, huh?
Teyla Emmagan: Establishing good relations with our neighbours is not just about trade.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Right, but do we need to make friends with every primitive agrarian society in the Pegasus galaxy?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Alright, that's enough. They can't all be planets with cool technology and open-minded women.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I don't see why not!

Teyla Emmagan: We have a problem. They took Colonel Sheppard.
Dr. Rodney McKay: What? Who did?
Teyla Emmagan: Soldiers from the Tower. They confiscated our weapons.
Dr. Rodney McKay: What, and you let them?
Teyla Emmagan: We didn't exactly have much of a choice.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Alright. I'm on my way back.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Game (#3.15)" (2006)
Dr. Rodney McKay: Let me ask you a question. Say there's a runaway train. It's hurtling out of control towards ten people standing in the middle of the tracks. The only way to save those people is to flip a switch - send the train down another set of tracks. The only problem is there is a baby in the middle of those tracks.
Teyla Emmagan: Why would anyone leave a baby in harm's way like that?
Dr. Rodney McKay: I don't know. That's not the point. Look, it's an ethical dilemma. Look, Katie Brown brought it up over dinner the other night. The question is: is it appropriate to divert the train and kill the one baby to save the ten people?
Ronon Dex: Wouldn't the people just see the train coming and move?
Dr. Rodney McKay: No. No, they wouldn't see it.
Ronon Dex: Why not?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well... Look, I dunno. Say they're blind.
Teyla Emmagan: *All* of them?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Yes, all of them.
Ronon Dex: Then why don't you just call out and tell them to move out of the way?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, because they can't hear you.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: What, they're deaf too?
[Rodney throws him a look]
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: How fast is the train going?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Look, the speed doesn't matter!
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, sure it does. If it's goin' slow enough, you could outrun it and shove everyone to the side.
Ronon Dex: Or better yet, go get the baby.
Dr. Rodney McKay: For God's sake! I was just trying to...

Dr. Rodney McKay: Hey, don't start. I tried to negotiate with you.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Making a list of demands and not giving anything in return is not negotiating.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I offered you an entire crop of beans.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I don't need beans. I need lumber.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, right - to build defensive fortifications for your army, which he doubled in size, by the way. Surprise, surprise.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I only did that after you started cheating.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I did *not* cheat.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: He's giving his people *way* too much technology for their level of development. I'm not the only one increasing my army, by the way.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I had to do something to protect the people of Geldar from you.
Ronon Dex: Geldar?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: The name of Rodney's country. He named it after a girl he stalked in college.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I did *not* stalk her. We dated twice. Teresa Geldar - a very cute blonde. I always used to think her name reminded me of some kind of a mythological land: the Kingdom of Geldar.
Teyla Emmagan: [to Sheppard] What did you call *your* country?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, I just kept the name it already had.

"Stargate: Atlantis: McKay and Mrs. Miller (#3.8)" (2006)
Dr. Rodney McKay: [to Jeannie] What have you told them?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: We weren't talking about you.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, you weren't?
Teyla Emmagan: No. We were discussing many things.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Now, when the issue of bedwetting happended to come up, she may have mentioned something about your childhood.
Dr. Rodney McKay: That is not true.
Ronon Dex: Relax. We all have embarrassing childhood stories.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Of course we do.
Ronon Dex: There was one time the school bullies made me eat lunch with my underwear on my head.
Dr. Rodney McKay: [slightly hopeful] Oh...
Ronon Dex: Oh, wait, that was you.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, hardy har-har.

Dr. Rodney McKay: [comes into the mess to find everyone for the third time] Am I just not getting the team e-mails anymore?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Take it easy. We're just talking about Rod.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Yes, well, of course you are.
Teyla Emmagan: Do you think he made it back to his universe?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, it's hard to say, really, but I doubt he'll be back, though.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: That's good, uh, we found him a little creepy.
Dr. Rodney McKay: What?
Ronon Dex: I can't stand people who are nice all the time. It makes me feel like they're trying to hide something.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Really?
Teyla Emmagan: He kept trying to correct *me* on my Athosian history. It grew tiresome very quickly.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, he wasn't that bad.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Let's be honest. Rod was annoying.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I'll be honest with you. That's kind of nice to hear. Now...
[pulls up a chair as the rest of the team smiles]
Dr. Rodney McKay: What else has been happening?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, Teyla's got the hots for one of the new Marines.
[Teyla kicks him in the leg]
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Ow!
Teyla Emmagan: That is *not* true.
Ronon Dex: You know it is.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Hardly new, either.
[everyone smiles and laughs as the show fades out]

"Stargate: Atlantis: Irresistible (#3.3)" (2006)
Teyla Emmagan: Are you that eager to return to Earth, Rodney?
Dr. Rodney McKay: This isn't just about me, it is about the ability to go back and forth between Earth and Atlantis conveniently... and whenever I want to.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Teyla... this is the same man who asked you to be his seventh wife.
Teyla Emmagan: [worried] I know. I hope I didn't upset him.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Vengeance (#3.19)" (2007)
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: [after an explosion] Everyone OK?
Teyla Emmagan: Yes.
Ronon Dex: I'm good.
Dr. Rodney McKay: I think you singed my eyebrows! D'you think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

Dr. Rodney McKay: What does he looks like now? I mean, is he, is he full-on Wraith again?
Teyla Emmagan: Not quite. There are still human characteristics present in him. No doubt it's why I was confused when I first felt his presence.
Dr. Rodney McKay: You'd think that the human side of him would temper his aggression a bit.
Teyla Emmagan: Yes, because we humans aren't aggressive at all.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, certainly less aggressive than, uh... Oh, sarcasm. Yeah. Nice.
Teyla Emmagan: What Michael is doing right now must be stopped. He cannot be allowed to escape. He's far too dangerous.
Dr. Rodney McKay: You're preaching to the choir, my dear.
Teyla Emmagan: But I understand his anger. His life has been destroyed. He no longer has a home or a family.
Dr. Rodney McKay: He had a family?
Teyla Emmagan: I don't know, but I've often wondered what he left behind when he was captured by us. We know nothing of his past other than that he was a Wraith.
Dr. Rodney McKay: A very *smart* Wraith.
Teyla Emmagan: Perhaps he was a scientist.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Huh. Sure. Probably. Why not? One of their very best, I'd wager.
Teyla Emmagan: Like you.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Aurora (#2.9)" (2005)
Col. Steven Caldwell: [over radio] Dr. McKay, What's your status?
Teyla Emmagan: Dr. McKay is... not here.
Col. Steven Caldwell: What?
Teyla Emmagan: He had to...
Ronon Dex: He had to check something on the Wraith pod.
Teyla Emmagan: Yes, the Wraith pod. He had to check the... biometrics receiver, needed to reconfirm the frequencies of the normal feedback loop.
Col. Steven Caldwell: Why isn't he on his radio?
Teyla Emmagan: Well, actually we have been having trouble reaching him ourselves. I think it may have something to do with... interference from the um... magnetic shielding of the pods.
Ronon Dex: [sardonically] Yeah, shielding.
Teyla Emmagan: Ronon was just about to check on him, see what is taking him so long.
Col. Steven Caldwell: Alright go get him, light a fire under him.
Teyla Emmagan: Right away.
Col. Steven Caldwell: And I want a status report as soon as his radio is working. Caldwell out.
Ronon Dex: [to Teyla] Nice stalling.

Teyla Emmagan: Rodney, between the two of you, if something were to go wrong, which would be the greater loss?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Well, I've never thought of it that way but... She's right. You should go.
[Sheppard glares]

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Gift (#1.17)" (2005)
Dr. Carson Beckett: It was very easy to miss. In fact, I couldn't even make the kind of comparison necessary to isolate the specific strand. We needed Wraith cells, which we eventually got, but then we need a full mapping of the genetic code contained within those cells, which wasn't even fifty percent complete...
Teyla Emmagan: Please! Tell me.
Dr. Carson Beckett: You have some Wraith DNA in your genetic make-up.

Teyla Emmagan: That is why they are coming here. They know that Atlantis is the only way to get to a new, rich, feeding ground.
Major John Sheppard: Earth.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Long Goodbye (#2.16)" (2006)
Ronon Dex: So people just sit and watch this box for hours at a time?
Maj. John Sheppard: Yeah, people do.
Teyla Emmagan: Is it that engaging?
Maj. John Sheppard: Depends what's on it. There are lots of programs on dozens of channels, every day, all day.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Most of which are fictional representations of ridiculously attractive people in absurd situations
Maj. John Sheppard: There are educational programmes, all sorts of documentaries. Not many people watch 'em but, uh, well, they're on.
Ronon Dex: And that's what everybody on your planet does for entertainment? Watch a box?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Not everyone -- although I will confess to the occasional half hour of 'Jeopardy'.
Ronon Dex: Jeopardy?
Dr. Rodney McKay: It's the name of the show -- 'Jeopardy'.
Ronon Dex: Sounds dangerous.
Maj. John Sheppard: Double Jeopardy -- that's twice as dangerous

Ronon Dex: We need to split up. I'll take Sheppard, you go after Weir.
Teyla Emmagan: Why?
Ronon Dex: I know how he thinks. I don't have the slightest clue how she thinks.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Poisoning the Well (#1.6)" (2004)
Carson Beckett M. D.: It's not that I mind lending people a hand...
Maj. John Sheppard: No, of course not.
Dr. Rodney McKay: You're a generous man, Carson.
Carson Beckett M. D.: But it's the principle of the thing, isn't it? You can't go volunteering someone for something without consulting them first. That's not even volunteering, is it? It's being pressed into service. Not to mention the fact I'm not...
Maj. John Sheppard: ...military and I can't give you orders. I know.
Dr. Rodney McKay: No, he just doesn't like going through the Stargate.
Maj. John Sheppard: He's worse than Dr McCoy.
Teyla Emmagan: Who?
Maj. John Sheppard: The TV character that Dr Beckett plays in real life.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Irresponsible (#3.13)" (2006)
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: My childhood hero was Evel Knievel.
Teyla Emmagan: Was he not evil?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: No, it was just his name. He was a daredevil - which isn't kind of a devil. He just jumped motorcycles over things.
Ronon Dex: Why?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Just because. Didn't always make it either.
Teyla Emmagan: And you greatly admired this behaviour?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: No, I just - look at least my hero is human. McKay's is Batman.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Hmm. Misunderstood and unappreciated by many, because his most formidable weapon was the power of his brilliant mind. Not just a hero - a superhero.

"Stargate: Atlantis: First Strike (#3.20)" (2007)
Ronon Dex: I need to learn some science.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: What for?
Ronon Dex: I'm not all that useful in situations like these. If we get into a fight, or we need to break out of somewhere, you know, kill someone, I'm your man, but a laser attacking the city's shield - I don't know where to chip in.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well, that's why we're a team, like the Fantastic Four.
[Ronon and Teyla stare at him]
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: It's a comic book where superheroes fight crime and stuff. See, I'd be Mr Fantastic, Ronon would be The Thing, McKay would be the Human Torch...
[John looks at Teyla]
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: You'd be the Invisible Woman.
Teyla Emmagan: I am not invisible.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: No. No, and McKay's not a human torch.
Teyla Emmagan: Well, how come *you* get to be Mr Fantastic?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Because he was the leader and I'm the...
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I'm just saying that *they* were a cool team and *we're* a cool team and they use their strengths to, you know...
[another pause]
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: I'm gonna go check on McKay.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Condemned (#2.5)" (2005)
Teyla Emmagan: Do you kill all your violent criminals on Earth?
Dr. Rodney McKay: Certain countries, yes.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Do we need to get into this right now?

"Stargate: Atlantis: Hide and Seek (#1.2)" (2004)
Teyla Emmagan: What is a 'Hail Mary?'
Major John Sheppard: It's a play, that you just saw.
[pause, Teyla looks confused]
Major John Sheppard: It's named after a prayer. See, there's this woman and her name is Mary; and she uh... Did I mention how much I like ferris wheels?

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Ark (#3.16)" (2007)
Teyla Emmagan: He tried to save his people, and he succeeded, through you.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: That's not the reason I did it.
Teyla Emmagan: I know.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Don't go feelin' special. I'd have done it for any one of you.
Teyla Emmagan: Of course.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Except for maybe McKay.
Teyla Emmagan: Yes - I think even for Rodney.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Maybe.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Suspicion (#1.4)" (2004)
Teyla Emmagan: You suspect an athosian?
Maj. John Sheppard: Dr. Weir wants to meet them that's all, it's not personal. Well I mean it is, in the sense that she wants to meet them all personal.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Lost Boys (#2.10)" (2005)
Teyla Emmagan: Are you alright?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: We're in a holding cell?
Teyla Emmagan: Yes.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: On a hive ship?
Teyla Emmagan: Uh huh.
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Then no, I'm not doing so good.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Seer (#4.8)" (2007)
Linara: I fear the future!
Teyla Emmagan: Just because something is unknown does not necessarily mean it needs to be feared.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Search and Rescue (#5.1)" (2008)
[when Teyla is in labor with her son]
Teyla Emmagan: You need to catch him!
Dr. Rodney McKay: What!?
Teyla Emmagan: You need to catch him, when I push him out!!!
Dr. Rodney McKay: Oh, God. Just, under hand him okay, I've never been good at baseball.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Before I Sleep (#1.14)" (2004)
Teyla Emmagan: Some sort of laboratory.
Dr. Rodney McKay: We've come across dozens of those, the city's full of them. Something unusual about it?
Major John Sheppard: [finds someone in suspended animation] I'd have to say... yes.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Midway (#4.17)" (2008)
Teyla Emmagan: His demeanor toward women differs from his demeanor toward men. He kept calling me "honey". I admit the urge to inflict harm on this man was quite strong but I managed to refrain from doing so.

"Stargate: Atlantis: The Return: Part 1 (#3.10)" (2006)
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Well before our paths uncross, can you guys help me out with these boxes? I'll throw in a pizza and some beer.
Teyla Emmagan: Popcorn?
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: And popcorn for givi...
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: [Ronon hugs John around the waist, pulling him off the ground] Oh my god!

"Stargate: Atlantis: Echoes (#3.12)" (2006)
Teyla Emmagan: If you fall asleep on more time...
Ronon Dex: [gets a training stick] Hit me with that.

"Stargate: Atlantis: Underground (#1.7)" (2004)
Dr. Rodney McKay: What is it you said they grow here anyway?
Teyla Emmagan: Many things, but they are best known for a bean known as Tava.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Java?
Maj. John Sheppard: Ta-va!

"Stargate: Atlantis: Outsiders (#5.12)" (2008)
Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Jervis taken care of?
Teyla Emmagan: He and his men have been locked up. They will not be giving us any more trouble though I do not think it was necessary to stun them.
Ronon Dex: Felt good, though.