Dr. Daniel Jackson
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Biography for
Dr. Daniel Jackson (Character)
from "Stargate SG-1" (1997)

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Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) is a brilliant archaeologist and a linguist who speaks multiple languages and holds doctorates in Archaeology, Anthropology, and Philology. He is an expert at translating Egyptian hieroglyphics and is part of the team headed up by Colonel Jack ONeil and comprised of Samantha Carter and Teal'c. He has an almost child-like enthusiasm for new discoveries and other cultures and a deep-seeded desire to save people and make a difference. He has the utmost respect for other cultures except in cases where other cultures are behaving in ways that are immoral. He rejoins the SG-1 team after Colonel O'Neill returns to Abydos and is ordered to return to Earth with him. His research is often seen as somewhat radical by the scientific community. Daniel suffers from allergies, wears glasses and is afraid of heights.

Background: Daniel was orphaned at a young age and grew up in the foster care system. On the first mission to Abydos, Dr. Jackson meets and falls in love with a native woman named Share. After defeating Ra and freeing the people of Abydos, Dr. Jackson decided not to return to Earth. When Colonel O'Neill returns to Earth, he lies to his commanding officers and tells them Daniel is dead.