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Quotes for
Commander Zero (Character)
from Blood Diamond (2006)

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Blood Diamond (2006)
Commander Zero: You get something for me?
Danny Archer: And yourself get something for me, huh?
Commander Zero: You bring the plane come first.
Danny Archer: Are you craze? You get to pay me first for them.
[Commander Zero hands Danny a small bag of diamonds, Danny checks its content]
Danny Archer: This no fine, huh? This no fine.
Commander Zero: This no more you get!
Danny Archer: Then your boys then can use one ol' rotten AK them against them government troops and their new weapons them, huh?
Commander Zero: Maybe I could just kill you and take away what you bring back!
Danny Archer: Then you get one more dead body instead of aeroplane way full with grenade launchers. So I think I go to them government then, huh? Them government, at least them go pay me, huh?
Commander Zero: Wait, wait. Wait, my friend. This is the thing you want? Here.
[Commander Zero pours diamonds from a can in Danny's hands]
Commander Zero: So many I not know what do with them all. - Hey, Archer, next time, you bring satellite TV, eh? I wanna see Baywatch.
Danny Archer: Ja. Ja, ja.