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Cousin Vicki (Character)
from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)

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Vegas Vacation (1997)
Cousin Vicki: Hey, you wanna dance up here?
Audrey Griswold: No, I don't think so.
Cousin Vicki: Audrey, honey, let me tell you something that I've learned. In this world you're either up on the stage in the spotlight, or down in the pit serving drinks. So have some fun.

Aki: Did you come to Las Vegas to be a showgirl?
Audrey Griswold: No. I'm on vacation with my parents.
Cousin Vicki: [rowdy] Hard to believe we're related, right?

Cousin Vicki: [Lounging by a pool with Audrey, looking at hunky guys] These boys ain't much to talk to, but if you need a night away from your cat, they're more than fine.

Cousin Vicki: [Audrey's climbing to the top of Vegas Vic] Audrey! What're you doing up there?
Audrey Griswold: I'm starting my vacation!
Aki: She's gonna break a lot of heart.
Cousin Vicki: She's gonna break something!

Cousin Vicki: Now, aren't you a little slice of pie?

Cousin Vicki: How is your chicken? Mine is dry as hell.
Audrey Griswold: Mine's dry as hell too.
Cousin Vicki: If you want to hang out with cousin Vicki tonight, I'll give you my beeper number.
Audrey Griswold: Really? That would be great!

National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)
Audrey Griswold: [Looking at Vicki's trophy for hog raising] Uh, don't take this personally, Vicki; but being a farmer isn't too cool you know.
Cousin Vicki: Oh, yeah? Well, how cool is this?
[Reaches under her bed and pulls out a shoebox full of marijuana]

Cousin Vicki: I'm going steady, and I French kiss.
Audrey Griswold: So? Everybody does that.
Cousin Vicki: Yeah, but Daddy says I'm the best at it.